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  • 253.

    We all face challenges in this life, even those who follow Jesus Christ,
    So all challenges we must address, through our God's Righteousness,
    Many challenges are from this world, but God's Truths we must herald,
    Always in God's light and His ways, in these present challenging days.

    Many may struggle with their identity; just who and what they are to be,
    But, God's the One, who helps us be, that individual we are, as we see,
    Living Truths in God's Word we read, this as we allow The Lord to lead,
    Through God's Holy Spirit, within, that all our identity, comes from Him.

    One challenge for many is Authority, men desiring to plan their destiny,
    Not wanting to submit in their life, to the plan and ways of Jesus Christ,
    But, in this life men cannot afford, to oppose the Authority of The Lord,
    As our Lord has authority over all, nations and men, both big and small.

    Another challenge; worldly influence, for those lacking Godly prudence,
    With many lacking Godly discretion, taking instead, the wrong direction,
    Then they live opposing God's Truth, only to experience God's reproof,
    While some who do stray will learn, then back to God's way, they return.

    As we grow to know God personally, with The Lord, we find our identity,
    To Christ's Authority, we then submit, to live out our life as God sees fit,
    So we're influenced by God's Word, living out those Truths we've heard,
    While we purpose in this temporal life, to live for The Lord, Jesus Christ.

    (Copyright ©11/2012 Bob Gotti) read more »

  • 254.
    United, we stand t

    Sachin blasts; the crowd applauds.
    A gold for shooting; we’re proud.
    A.R.Rahman makes us bask.
    India grows; so do Indians. read more »

  • 255.
    Is the griding of the dusk

    Is the griding of the dusk
    the equivalent: identity read more »

  • 256.

    Where shadows
    Are absent of identity

    Where one's reflection
    Blends to her sable complexion read more »

  • 257.
    Invisible identity

    Invisible identity
    Unlimited forms eternally.

    Effective and complete read more »

  • 258.
    O, Missed-Call-Giver...

    O missed-call-giver, where dwell you,
    What your name
    And identity,
    Where live you, read more »

  • 259.
    It Is On All Sides

    All colorful
    And that have
    Identity with Truth. read more »

  • 260.
    Plain Pains

    Rains in my rooms
    Trodding over the margins of my body read more »

  • 261.
    Traumatic Truth In A Tree

    Innocence building up with insecure pursuit of isolated identity globalised by hope and ambition
    Green green grass of home plasticized by systematised illusive care
    Of lonely planet
    What you see is not authentic natural greens but bright pretencious green of dysfunctional energy read more »

  • 262.
    A Negress and her black shadow

    Her smile when she cries,
    Nobody realizes whether it's a smile or a cry?
    Along with her lost identity she was searching around.
    At least if exists a relative or a known person in the Necropolis? read more »

  • 263.
    only still...

    only still...

    still nothing to me just, a tears and a memories,
    still nothing, only an extinguished candles, read more »

  • 264.
    Almighty Identity Crisis

    i am reborn every morning
    when i rise expecting
    good things from the day
    getting my dose of raw reality read more »

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