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Orphan Desperate Wishes To Mother! - Poem by Rupak Dhakal

I am alone, alone in this world.
Without you, actually my identity.
I am not a wrong doer but,
But I am alone, away from you.
Away from you, my mother!

You do not know me and so do I.
Where are you? A distance apart,
Or in a heaven of so-called fairy tale.
Are you listening to me?
No, I don’t think so.
You are far, far away from me!

Mother, people say everything happens for a reason.
But what’s the reason behind being apart from you.
My soul you are.
If I have no soul then why am I here?
Why am I here in this bustling city?
, sleeping a great sorrow in a busy road.

You are not with me
And I am UNKOWN.
I’ve problem of nostalgia,
But no tablets to cure the disease of nostalgia.

Mother, is this a world?
Is this a world, where you are god in the face of mother?
Are you?
Then, why, why I am alone and desperate.
I have no you, no your love and even not emotions.
Cause emotions are the entity a man learns from mother.
Then, what is emotion to me?
Nothing, it is like wastage like me in this bustling city.

I have lost you and the world has lost me.
Cause I’m not what I should be.
I’m different, out of this world.
Something great I hold,
But something very poor.

Yes mother, I have no clothes and no identity.
I have no home to live, no one to see.
I am a helpless joker in front of the circus of this world.
People see me, play their emotions among them,
But no one never put a hand forward to help me.
They just watch, enjoy and go away.

Mother you are my reason to live.
But you are not with me.
But I won’t quit, I won’t quit.
Cause though I’m without you,
I’m not alone.
There are thousands of friends to me.
They are like me.
We are like them.
And, above all, I feel up,
When I get chance to compare myself to the GOD.
Yes mother, I am unfortunate, I have lost you.
But what about those gods who created us.
They are also orphans like me.
They have no one to get love of, but only wishes to fulfill.
We are for them and they are for us.

Yes, GODs for others are almighty.
But for us my GOD is my friend.
GOD is my father, my mother, my sisters.
All the relations what I’ve is with GOD.
My mate is GOD and other children like me.

Mother, you left me alone.
But I will not leave you alone
My wishes are always for you, mother.
For you, mother, If you can hear me.
Hear my poor voice,
poor voice of solitariness, voice of identity less.
Love you mom! Happy mother’s day.

I have nothing to give you, nothing to show you.
But, I’m not the poorest one.
I’m not the wretch, mother.
Cause I’ve feelings for you,
which others can never have for you.

Today I see the world, my mother.
I’m able to walk and run.
I’m able, mother, I am.
But, I feel sad cause I struggled hard to see,
to learn those basic things.
But when I search something in this world,
I’m empty handed.
Those basic skills of mine are just poor
Cause I’m not able to search you, mother.
I’m not able to search humanity, mother.
People here, never loved humanity, mother,
They always searched for money and other,
other poor secondary parts of life.

I’m orphan, Yes, I’m orphan.
But, I say, I’m fortunate that I’ve no one.
I’ve nothing,
nothing to gain and nothing to lose.
I know, I was in this earth empty handed,
And I will pass away my final destination empty handed.
But the people here are not as fortunate as me, mother.
Although they know they came and will go empty handed,
they quarrel with each other.
Cause they have something,
something to gain and something to lose.

Mother, Even though, I’m missing you.
I’m fortunate, I’m fortunate,
that I have no selfishness.
I’ve nothing to gain and nothing to lose.

But, I’m poor!
I’m poor that it takes very hard work,
For me to feed up.
Mother, poor I’m, but not unlucky.
What happen if I do not have you.
I have everything that the human had sold.
A humanity, a kindness and a reality.

With all those thing which may be nothing to you,
I would like to give my thousands of wishes to you.
Love you mother!   

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  • Gold Star - 117,001 Points Gajanan Mishra (5/14/2013 4:52:00 AM)

    good love mother. thanks.
    I invite you to read my poems and comment. (Report) Reply

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