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Poems About: INNOCENCE

In this page, poems on / about “innocence” are listed.

  • 241.
    Field of innocence

    She's still a child in some ways
    she stil needs guidence on her way
    the bruises she tries to cover up
    everyone can see if only they knew the story read more »

    Dominique Lange
  • 242.
    No Pictures Of This Baby

    No pictures of the baby
    The baby that was me
    No pictures of her innocence
    Because innocence you no longer see read more »

    Anonymus Girl
  • 243.

    Gone is the innocence we owned a child,
    days which were carefree – days we’d run wild.
    Tents made from bed sheets with the wind fell down,
    as we played in the trees which we hid from the town. read more »

    R. L. Allen
  • 244.
    Field Of Innocence

    Full of peace. read more »

    Trinity Bella
  • 245.
    The Child

    For when I was a child.
    Beloved of my dear mother.
    Pure, in my childly innocence
    And my childly innocence read more »

    Dimu Eric Olowo
  • 246.
    Time Gone By

    ?The time when your innocence was something that people loved about you, ?
    The time were a dimple on your cheek was smiled at, ?
    The time when all you felt was happiness, ?Finding enjoyment and fun almost out of anything, whether that be a toilet roll or a cardboard box,
    When sweets at the weekend felt like it was Christmas, read more »

    meggan o reilly
  • 247.
    Morning Innocence

    Morning Innocence
    We’re all born with it
    As children, its what we live on
    Screw death and destruction read more »

    Joseph Anthony Montefusco
  • 248.
    Death of Innocence

    Far away from the demons and ghouls
    Out of reach of those that trap the soul
    In the sunlight, where all is safe
    Where she can lay her head in peace read more »

    joses tirtabudi
  • 249.
    Isn't It The Image

    A dignifying of a known decadence,
    To adorn and dress to impress...
    In a suit and tie may to many make sense.
    Since... read more »

    Lawrence S. Pertillar
  • 250.

    One of my favorite attributes of children, when I see it I feel blessed,
    Is the enthusiastic, unbridled innocence with which they all possess.

    A child will sing uninhibitedly before he realizes there’s a song. read more »

    Jim Yerman
  • 251.
    Innocence Found

    In a world where innocence is lost so quickly, I pondered if it
    truly exists at all. Where does one go to find it . . . this freedom of a pure, existence amidst an age-old classroom called life who teaches that innocence is best ignored. It was when I stopped looking that I was able to "see" a world with an
    abundance of innocence and I chose it for my guide. Stop for a
    moment and watch nature. Listen to all that is to be heard; for , this is read more »

    Cheryl Greear
  • 252.

    Adorned by sparkling snow
    Glittering in the window
    Are the eyes.
    They peer into the skies read more »

    Melissa Ferrer
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