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Poems About: INNOCENCE

In this page, poems on / about “innocence” are listed.

  • 349.

    images at times tremble by the cloud
    the rhythm seems being shadowed
    yell still rocks up in the vale of tunes
    voices within bale the cries by the mystery read more »

    Dr subhendu kar
  • 350.
    Innocence's Byway

    How innocence wanders the innocuous highway,
    How, bearded, he dreams of the thigh he’s
    Never touched,
    As he sleeps in the weeds like a disposed general read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 351.

    She open the door, seeing him was no surprise
    Smiling at her because they both know what awaits inside
    As they walks up the stairs her heart beats faster and faster
    She look back as he playfully grabs her read more »

    Melissa Haynes
  • 352.
    Point Of View

    Is a glass half empty or half filled?
    Think for a moment or two
    To know, you needn’t be terribly skilled
    For it’s just one’s point of view read more »

    Stanley Cooper
  • 353.

    life filled with words unsaid
    dreams threatning to be forgotten
    wishing to go back in time
    wanting to go back to yesterday read more »

    Yonela Mali
  • 354.

    configuring words on a page
    does not make me an artist
    but, read more »

    s./j. goldner
  • 355.
    Pride Aside on Love

    Innocence and pride make two
    as pride and love - forget-me-not -
    from fever cools as through and through
    fond memories few keep. Fools blot read more »

    Jonathan ROBIN
  • 356.

    Truth, The Real God
    Not that we have made
    Does not want a facade
    Of the limited and narrow world that we parade read more »

    Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean
  • 357.
    The One

    Verse 1

    There is no laughter
    only tears falling down read more »

    Daniel Wittfoth
  • 358.
    A Weeping Willow

    Somewhere between nowhere and goodbye we met,
    Young innocence enveloped by passion.
    Bond of lost innocence among the haze of neon-argon strips.
    Lingering in bed, her back nestled against mine, read more »

    Barry A. Lanier
  • 359.
    In Knowing the Truth to Lay in the Kiln

    Love the girl, keep her memory warm
    Offer in sincerity a break from the storm.
    No man who would call himself wise,
    Would deny the beauty of the skies. read more »

    David Lacey
  • 360.

    Magical twisted river winding through the land before time
    Silhouettes of lovers dancing on the sands
    The birds first break of chourus into the morning light
    And the first kiss of the sun on trees extracting from them glorious shades of green read more »

    nikki hays
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