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Scars And Stitches - Poem by Sergio Warren Roiatti

I have no inspiration,
No more desire.
I feel no drive, no will, as if I’m about to expire.
My mind it wanders, to all sorts of places.
I have memories of people,
But still, I can’t remember their faces.

My dreams don’t thrill me,
My thoughts bring me pain.
All of this suffering,
Just drives me insane.
My friends have forgotten me,
My family are distant.
My life feels fragile at this very instant.

“Take me away, ” I say,
As I look up to the sky.
I live in pain,
But still you watch me cry.
I cannot fight these thoughts anymore,
This agony, I can no longer endure.
This world that promised me nothing but riches,
Gave me nothing but numb scars and unforgettable stitches.

I no longer walk with you,
My knees gave in under the pressure.
My brain was drowning in thoughts of depression,
And my heart couldn’t take this horrible tension.
I cried for help; this cry went unanswered.
So I take myself away to make these deaf ears listen,
To the ones they ignore and the love and hope that goes missing.

I have no inspiration,
No more desire.
My dreams they bore me,
I feel I’m about to expire.
“Take me away, ” I say,
As I look up to the sky.
This world it promised me riches,
But gave me nothing but numb scars and unforgettable stitches.
A world where the great they fall, and the evil grow tall;
All I can do is hope that one day those deaf ears will finally listen.

For tonight I get to see the light,
And leave these scars and stitches behind.
Finally, I have a will, a very desire,
But sadly it leads to my own expiration.
But at least, finally, I have an inspiration…

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