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In this page, poems on / about “inspiration” are listed.

  • 313.
    A Journey Beyond

    We know not of the secrets of life untold,
    But as we journey onward
    To relieve our thirst, in the refreshing springs of renewal,
    Soak up the warmth, in the sweet sunny meadows, read more »

    Linda May Fox
  • 314.

    Inspiration. It comes at odd times, doesn't it?
    I just can't quite understand it.
    But when it's there, be sure to grasp it.
    Don't let it slip away. read more »

    Jessi Hardison
  • 315.
    What She Ask?

    she asked me today do u write
    things tat r put up on ur wall r original?
    what shd i say how shd i react
    ur d inspiration u dont even know tat fact read more »

    YSK Moon
  • 316.
    Cavinkare CKR

    The beginning of all things is small
    Aspiring, encouraging and beautiful
    From the ground to the hall of fame
    In the life running behind targeted game read more »

    Umasree Raghunath
  • 317.
    The Guide

    Night comes quietly
    surrounding me in darkness
    but for a tiny flicker of light
    dancing read more »

    David L. Harkins
  • 318.

    Ingenious inspiration quietens the nook of ideas so faithful,
    Assemblies of essays ceremoniously convene to provide the foreseeing;
    The roof fell down the next day to improve the landscape,
    Inspiring others in the field of work too extravagant, called building. read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 319.
    To My Ultimate Inspiration

    To My Ultimate Inspiration

    I often sense the presence of yours,
    In defeated times or in way to triumph; read more »

    elvira marchan
  • 320.
    Your Eyes

    As only I look into your eyes
    my soul truly realize
    how much I love you.
    Your eyes intoxicate, read more »

    Larisa Rzhepishevska
  • 321.
    Inspiration of Music

    I don't know why I can't feel
    the joy, the pain
    it feels like I have no brain
    and I can't get myself to sing, the inspiration is gone read more »

    Angel Gibbs
  • 322.
    Mind Searching

    I was drifting through the chambers
    of imagination, deep in my mind,
    searching desperately for inspiration,
    but it was proving so hard to find. read more »

    Orlando Belo
  • 323.
    Sentence Invasion

    I’d been living in the clouds for many a year
    and then one morning the sky was clear.
    From out of that space inspiration was thrust
    and the inclination to write was now a must. read more »

    Orlando Belo
  • 324.
    Deferred Pen

    It is five thirty and I am at my desk
    With the intention of writing something.
    I’m sitting waiting for inspiration
    But the stimulation has not surfaced read more »

    Albert Ahearn
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