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Poems About: IRONY

In this page, poems on / about “irony” are listed.

  • 205.

    Elizabeth and Juliet, their lives spent
    Serving love for all to see
    As they did rend
    Their hearts ne’er did flee read more »

    Steve Crisenberry
  • 206.
    Black Humours

    The cobwebs float inside my eyes, as thick
    as eyebrows, catching every beam of sun.
    This is the irony of light, the trick
    of old myopia, of sight undone read more »

    Julie Bond
  • 207.

    Inexistent me
    Absence as wish
    Expectations in me read more »

    Ananda Alves
  • 208.
    Loneliest of All

    I suppose my thoughts were always naieve
    Believing that when you found that someone
    That life would be happy and filled with fun
    And, that feeling would remain when she'd leave read more »

    Danny Speicher
  • 209.
    Medusa Is Mad

    The irony of it
    (sort of like Medusa getting bit
    by a snake)
    did not escape her. read more »

    Sonny Rainshine
  • 210.
    Mu2ic Man

    He answers, when I ask,
    'I'm lonely, babe, ' and laughs
    A tragic laugh, head thrown back
    Mocking, with twisted irony read more »

    Katz Haus
  • 211.
    The Anniversary

    Oh Pat, this grief you left with me,
    In November will not stay it's hand,
    To add to general gloom, it's band
    Will a long time play read more »

    Daphne Grant
  • 212.

    Your snide comments
    Made our kisses taste of irony,
    That hard metallic sting.
    Gone with soft tenderness read more »

    Elizabeth Kudebeh
  • 213.

    What is this curious thing that burns
    fills the nostrils with a strange scent
    Crowds out the fantasy of passing time
    and closes your eyes in sweet harmony? read more »

    Poet Dragon
  • 214.
    Katrina (2005)

    Mistsress of the winds
    you dance along triumphant.
    Twisting and twirling
    touching lives unaware. read more »

    Patrick Wescott
  • 215.
    Metropolitan Inferno

    Rusty rotten dirty domes,
    Wound the Heaven’s azure heart,
    Chimneys’ souls rise to part,
    Black giants’ filthy foams. read more »

    Farshid Rezaee
  • 216.

    Umfrendung is the alienation
    you'll find in plays of Brecht-it's German;
    some feel it in a railway station,
    and most do when they hear a sermon. read more »

    gershon hepner
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