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A Lady So Fickle - Poem by Aniruddha Pathak

Take metaphor— a lady nigh fickle,
Made of a twain of siblings delicate—
Tired tenor1 drawn by worn out vehicle1,
Similar and yet so disparate!

See how jarring a harmony in doubt
An erring oxymoron does bring out,
How seeming sameness of contrast
A shadowy irony comes to cast.

Taking the proxy: sign and symbol,
How some poetry tries to recall—
When sleep ‘an adumbration be of death’2,
Such is the point of poetic faith!

And pray, tell me what sets metonymy
Apart, if at all, from synecdoche,
The whole hinting the part, or part, the whole;
Neat-picking’s no poetry by long pole.

A poet’s no cushion shocks to absorb,
Nor a prankster out there people to shock,
He sets the props of paradox3 in orb,
Perhaps to put pundits4 in to dock!

And poets per chance few metaphors choose,
But may oft use a befitting apt word,
Metre more often chooses than the Muse,
No harm if readers deem it a rare bird!
_____________________________________________ _________
1. Tenor and vehicle: ‘Life is but a walking shadow’,
(Macbeth) . Here, ‘life’ is the tenor, and
‘walking shadow’ the vehicle of the metaphor.
Bur remember, metaphors were used much before
their terms and grammar came.
2. Robert Frost who used ‘death’ as public symbol in
‘sleep as an adumbration of death.’ Well, public
or private, symbolism comes natural to a good poets —
even without knowing so.
3. The poetic devices like paradox, understatement,
hyperbole, and irony. All this can come to the
poet’s command without him knowing their technical
4. Pundits, critics: Not the people who love poetry,
nor, obviously, the poets themselves. These are
the analysts, critic-loving professors who take
poetry apart to analyse why a particular word or
phrase is used; and go ad infinitum into things
that the poet, poor fellow, never once thought in
the first place. These are people who are fond of
‘paraphrasing’ a poem. Now, this is something
beyond me. Why should one paraphrase and put a
piece of verse (and a thing of beauty) as prose;
something the poet, I am sure, would shudder to
_____________________________________________ _________
- Ways of the words | 04.08.08 |

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