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Forever In Love - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Once a failure; not necessary that always a gorily
disoriented failure; being lambasted in the aisles of
horrendous nothingness,
Once a loss; not necessary that always a hideously
unsavory loss; crucifying you beyond the realms of
pricelessly impregnable existence,
Once an abusing; not necessary that always a
derogatorily unceremonious abusing; brutally kicking
you like an infinitesimally frigid matchstick; towards
the coffins of morbid hell,
Once an isolation; not necessary that always a
remorsefully dastardly isolation; abjectly obfuscating
you from the quintessentially glorious fabric of the
symbiotic planet outside,
Once a sidelining; not necessary that always a
preposterously delinquent sidelining; incarcerating
you in chains of disastrously ominous despair while
the entire earth uninhibitedly freaked outside,
Once a torture; not necessary that always a
sadistically cacophonic torture; making every
unfurling instant of your fantastically embellished
existence worse than a countless hapless deaths,
Once a betrayal; not necessary that always a fretfully
tyrannizing betrayal; burying you wholesomely alive in
the parasitically decaying grave,
Once a criminal; not necessary that always a
vindictively insane criminal; cadaverously
perpetuating into the sky of fathomlessly invincible
Once a cannibalistic; not necessary that always a
turgidly decrepit cannibalistic; ruthlessly
excoriating apart innocuously celestial flesh; into a
boundless bits of inconspicuous oblivion,
Once a backbencher; not necessary that always a
lugubriously inane backbencher; unsurpassably yawning
in indolent ignominy while the earth burgeoned into a
spell bindingly golden tomorrow,
Once a tail; not necessary that always an egregiously
shy tail; curled a limitless kilometers inside the
legs; at even the most ethereal innuendo of enchanting
Once a laggard; not necessary that always a
licentiously heinous laggard; slavering like a
salacious leech at every aspect of inscrutably
resplendent life,
Once an unemployed; not necessary that always a
fragrantly baseless unemployed; nonchalantly staring
into lackadaisical bits of skull-less space for hours
Once a corpse; not necessary that always a
treacherously ghoulish corpse; fecklessly quavering in
the mortuaries of intransigently endless and dismally
asphyxiating despair,
Once a stone; not necessary that always an languidly
lackluster stone; crumbling in lecherously dumb
silence till the last puff of enchantingly iridescent
Once a curmudgeon; not necessary that always a
scornfully wailing curmudgeon; irrevocably tossing and
turning in uncontrollably maniacal frustration and
Once an impotent; not necessary that always a
vituperatively laconic impotent; squelching the brakes
of the perfidiously whipping devil upon the Omnipotent
Lord's chapters of; unbelievably blessing creation,
Once a teardrop; not necessary that always a banefully
agonizing teardrop; carnivorously circumscribed by a
gutter of misery throughout every unleashing moment of
fantastically effulgent life,
But once in love; means forever and ever and ever
embracing its immortally altruistic swirl; means
forever and ever and ever letting the winds of its
magically mitigating goodness caress your impoverished
soul; means forever and ever and ever existing as the
most priceless organism ever alive; means forever and
ever and ever and for an fathomless more births of
yours; always in LOVE. 

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