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  • 61.
    A Mystic collection of poems(a new new sentence)

    Ron Silliman(Ron Sillyman's blog)

    January 13
    10: 51pm
    Maung Maung Thein

    hi, ron! how are you? poet nyein way(myanmar) yangon
    August 27
    6: 01pm
    Maung Maung Thein

    Hi Ron,
    Do you remember me?
    It is now free to send your book'grand piano' to yangon to the following address if you can find time.
    Poet Nyein Way
    Maung Maung Thein
    Q.E.L.C.language Centre.156,4th floor(left) , between 46th and 47th streets, Anawratha Road, Botataung township, Yangon.
    E-mail: mmtqelc@gmail.com

    6: 12pm
    Ron Silliman

    They are in boxes right now - we had a flood here - but I will send them soon

    August 28
    7: 07pm
    Maung Maung Thein

    thank you.
    9: 37pm
    Maung Maung Thein

    I think you were ok with flood.sorry to hear that.If you have a chance to visit Yangon, it would be wonderful! !
    poet nyein way
    11: 30pm
    Maung Maung Thein

    Dear Ron,
    Have you sent the books? I need to check it at the post if you hvae sent it out to me.Thank you.

    12: 44pm
    Ron Silliman

    No, I have to get them together out of cartons (the result of a flood I'm recovering from) , which means finding which boxes they are in
    8: 00am
    Maung Maung Thein

    oh! poems are in mystery! !

    if you send them out let me know so that i can check it out at the post office! 1thank you, Ron..
    (maung maung thein is poet nyein way) read more »

  • 62.
    Fire-And-Brimstone Justice [REV.]

    The dawn ‘architecture' expert becomes political
    analyst now watching CNN - French cartoonists
    executed at Charlie Hebdo magazine by Islamic
    extremists - a world-wide response termed ‘Je read more »

  • 63.

    January still trembles
    with the haunting sound
    of carol singers
    and pretty Christmas lights. read more »

  • 64.
    January Sky

    Explorewritten 10: 23 p.m. from the morning memory....
    January 7,2013

    6 a.m read more »

  • 65.
    Haiku Incandescence

    Self-feeding, flame fire
    desires own light warmth, pyre warms
    incite sown desire. read more »

  • 66.
    How January Is Propelled To Spring

    Chill January’s snow falls thick and fast
    Propelled by blinding blizzard’s biting blast,
    So soft white blankets bind the earth for days,
    Though spring means drifts shall not lie long nor last. read more »

  • 67.
    #209 Haiku Grazing Horses

    Clouds rest on tree tops
    Lumpy feather beds billow
    Horses graze in snow read more »

  • 68.
    #205 Haiku Splish Splash

    Beautiful bather
    Rare moment of solitude
    Cool and refreshing read more »

  • 69.
    Back There In Old Duhallow The Frosty Fields Are Gray

    Back there in old Duhallow the frosty fields are gray
    And the wildborn birds are silent at the dawning of the day
    And the chilly winds of January sough in the naked trees
    And ice is on the dark pond from the hard overnight freeze read more »

  • 70.
    In Inverloch In January

    On the slated roof of the public toilet the silver gulls bask in the sun
    And children in the sea side park are playing games and having fun
    And the wattlebirds are calling on a flowering melaleuca tree
    In Inverloch in South Gippsland the old village by the sea. read more »

  • 71.
    Workshop For A Winter Heart

    I do not believe in icicle emotions
    That leave you breathless
    in the the January night read more »

  • 72.
    A Calendar Poem

    in January
    I met Jane
    in February read more »

New January Poems

  1. Warm Winter, Luo Zhihai
  2. January Warmth, Panmelys Leschevin d'Ere
  3. Words with no Rhyme or Reason, Holly Wotherspoon
  4. Almost Spring, Robert Ronnow
  5. A deluge of tears, Ruth Walters
  6. ' [ January ] ', Ency Bearis
  7. Frangipani's January Magic, Indira Renganathan
  8. December, John Shea
  9. Nature Of History, Masereka Amos
  10. Alankar(Decor) -157, Indira Renganathan
  11. January Wolf, Raven Syke
  12. Day Moon Haiku, Chenou Liu
  13. January Sky, Dorothy (Alves) Holmes
  14. Merry January, Vidi Pudinkz
  15. For an Otter, Belinda Nelson
  16. On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Monty Gilmer
  17. On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, Monty Gilmer
  18. If I Make It, Lawerence Mize, Sr.
  19. January, McKenzie Nofer
  20. Happy 2011, Henry Brown
  21. Haikus, Robert Siney
  22. A Wool Fleet Chorus, Cicely Fox Smith
  23. Haiti 2010, Michael Kersting
  24. ! SONG OF JANUARY!, Rema Prasanaa
  25. ! LIGHT OF LAMP!, Ajay Pisharody
  26. -I LOVED YOU IN NOVEMBER -, Emu Getachew
  27. The Year, Naveed Akram
  28. January Warmth, Melanie Dickie
  29. In January In Duhallow, Francis Duggan
  30. Springtime In Winter One More Time, Joyce Hemsley
  31. January, John Shea
  32. How January Is Propelled To Spring, C Richard Miles
  33. OBAMA'S OATH, Aldo Kraas
  34. Skip Through the Year, Jenny Diamond
  35. January rains, as i remember, RIC S. BASTASA
  36. January Rain, Toni Atchison
  37. January rhyme haiku, Peter S. Quinn
  38. #209 Haiku Grazing Horses, Dorothy (Alves) Holmes
  39. june in january, gershon hepner
  40. January, Marjorie DeBol DeFazio
  41. Jenny I will never forget you, Mary Wismer
  42. #195 Haiku By The Light of The Moon, Dorothy (Alves) Holmes
  43. #187 Haiku I Hear Music, Dorothy (Alves) Holmes
  44. Haiku 'spirit of the snow', Peter S. Quinn
  45. BALLAD OF JANUARY, Aldo Kraas
  46. January Drear, Victoria Hughes
  47. Haiku You I Am, Jonathan ROBIN
  48. Haiku Incandescence, Jonathan ROBIN
  49. The Day, nicola burkett
  50. Peak Perfection, Billy Thompson
  51. Ocean View, Billy Thompson
  52. Happy New Year, Stanley Cooper
  53. John Nash’s Beautiful Mind (Senryu), chanda panda
  54. January The Eagle, Will David
  55. Where Angels Always Go, The Dreamer
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