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In this page, poems on / about “journey” are listed.

  • 217.

    Grieve not, O heart, for life is not lost
    Life- just like a day,
    That dawns at the horizon in the East
    And sets at the horizon in the West read more »

  • 218.

    One step over another
    I started moving on my feet
    In time, I found myself
    walking in a path to my life read more »

  • 219.
    Alone Traveller

    I am an alone traveler
    to pass through the universal life

    I asked so many, some responded read more »

  • 220.
    Seek Not and Ye Shall Be

    Live life like a waft of fresh breeze, they said,
    Go with the flow, let it and resist not,
    Care that present moment alone is caught,
    What might be nor what was, packed for and paid. read more »

  • 221.


    In everything we do in this life, it always begins in a first step. In other words, when we want to achieve something or excel in any field of endeavor in this life, we must take the first step or move. Basically, we can not move upward in a ladder without stepping on the first step and if we will not take the first move to go upward and journey beyond a thousand miles in seeking our dreams and aspirations in this life. read more »

  • 222.

    far... far away at night
    the illumination of the airports
    reflected in the sky like a white fire
    and the trains read more »

  • 223.
    Road Back From Merryland

    A journey with a course of achievements
    A road most traveled but obstacles too much
    Too, much to behold and count as normal
    A visit thence met hearts of wonders read more »

  • 224.
    The Doubted Journey

    I really want you, ceratainly,
    I really need you, definitely
    As a poor man in solitude,
    Holding bags looking at the sky, read more »

  • 225.
    “The Journey Called Life”

    From where I have started to where will I end,
    The journey has been long, winding and tiring.
    From nothing to something… it has never been an easy adventure. read more »

  • 226.
    Movements and Sounds

    Can you hear that great and powerful sound
    That brings shock to the earth and the sky?
    There has never been anything so fierce.
    I walk on this path seeing the grand journey read more »

  • 227.
    For Everyone The Life Journey

    For everyone the life journey is different though a journey that for all of us must end
    Along the way we meet some who do not like us But we also do make many a good friend
    And on the journey we learn many lessons we've been learning from life since before we did crawl
    And every day we live in life for us a lesson and that applies to you and me and all read more »

  • 228.

    Conventional, that’s how my being has been;
    Abuzz in the township, another girl next door;
    Envious childhood maybe, distinctive inner part though;
    Mind and heart fed with goodness! read more »

New Journey Poems

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  14. THIS LIFE WE LIVE, Gwendolyn Anderson
  15. Here The Birds' Journey Ends, Mahmoud Darwish
  16. A Silent Afternoon, Rohit Sapra
  17. Birth, Dilantha Gunawardana
  18. The Trip, Roilynn brown
  19. Ride, Deb harman
  20. Winston Smith, Dilantha Gunawardana
  21. The Early Journey Of Time, barnabas michael barde
  22. Journey of Love, SHAAN MUKHERJEE
  23. Colorful Greys, Ben Harrison
  24. Blind Shot, Apurva Jain
  25. The Journey Unknown, Kuda Bondamakara
  26. O'traveler Tell Me Tell Me, Alex Adeoye
  27. An Endless Journey, supriya baijal
  28. Life, Dipankar Sadhukhan
  29. Destination, Aniruddha Pathak
  30. Journey of love, prashant hooda
  31. A Song Of Life, Rajesh Thankappan
  32. Kerry, Steve Hayes
  33. Seek Not and Ye Shall Be, Aniruddha Pathak
  34. To Journey, Margaret Moran
  35. Unknown life-journey, Daleen Enslinstrydom
  36. Life's Journey, Cecelia Weir
  37. Be Not Afraid, Margaret Moran
  38. 45. A Journey, Dipankar Sadhukhan
  39. Journey to the Horizon, persian khushi
  40. Hajj, sallam yassin
  42. GRIEVE NOT, O HEART., Om Chawla
  43. One Day At A Time=Everlasting Life, Octavius Johnson
  44. One Piece - Shining Ray, Zen Dhosze
  45. Misty Rose, Rasul Raessi
  46. A Journey Untraveled, ziyanda mbasa
  47. The Bleeding Heart, Chuks Kevin Nwaokolo
  48. My desire, ramesh rai
  49. Captain's Journey, Geetha Jayakumar
  50. Life (Cinquain), Kavya ...
  51. Alone Traveller, ramesh rai
  52. Journey, Sowkoor Nischal Shetty
  53. @@@@@JOURNEY ONSHORE, Dr subhendu kar
  54. Quest, Vizard Dhawan
  55. JOURNEY IN SELF, Philo Yan
  56. Journey Implemented Creativity, Terence George Craddock (Spe ..
  57. JOURNEY, Metin Sahin
  58. One Eye On The Road, Chenou Liu
  59. All life is but a Journey, Tawia Tsekumah
  60. She is Journeying, Lindsay Maasdorp
  61. Finding You, Finding Me, Tara Acharya
  62. From Lifeless To Crisp, Paul Mwenelupembe
  63. Journeys Traveled, Michael Peterson
  64. The Heart of the Warrior, Derrick Puente
  65. The Doubted Journey, Gaylord Munemo
  66. The Train, inguruwatta pushpadewa
  67. A Life Journey!, Ramesh T A
  68. Long Journey, Jessica Hernandez (teardrop)
  69. My Decision, emmanuel akinnagbe
  70. Journey From A Small Place, Selam G. Sekuar
  71. First Journey, Marites C. Cayetano
  72. Colour Changes Life, Bireswar Halder
  73. Make My Journey Comfortable, ramesh rai
  74. Journey through the furnace., Phillips Olayanju
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