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My Own Life's Quotes To Live By - November - Poem by Seema Chowdhury

1) Light the Way

When we help others and light their way, it not only lights up their way but also our heart, mind and soul. It shows us who we are and what we want to be. We must always remember that it is our choice. We all ride on the roller coaster ride of life but we should not be the cause of hurt or pain for others. In the light of virtue we get a chance to wash our sins and compensates for our mistakes and weaknesses. And surely when we lit up the path, it brings a joyous day break and help us in our pursuit of happiness.

2) Inner and Outer World

Listen to your thoughts carefully and see what lies in front of you and beneath the surface. Learn to move forward and remember that there is more in the world then we can see from our naked eyes. Merge your inner world with the outer world and deal with both as one. Push, steer and get on with life, for the open road awaits. Read between the lines and deal with interruptions and trials. Keep calm and look for faith and hope to turn your gloom into bloom. And when both inner and outer world synergies, you will see peace cascading and making the worlds serene and pure.

3) Keep Soul in Shape

Keep your soul in shape and seek peace in silence. Walk in God's garden and allow yourself some time to unwind and relax. Rejoice each moment and know that God's love is deep and wide. Don't let the emptiness of the rough day churn negative emotions inside you. Remember life is an ever expanding journey and it is a race against time. So don't feel trapped by the challenges or else your soul will be consumed by headache and bitter sadness. Look for the road of recovery and enjoy shifting changes of your surrounding. Take time out everyday with tenderness and a humble heart to kneel down before God in silence and thank Him for guarding your soul and keeping it in shape.

4) Make Your Life Better

Tell yourself everyday that you are valuable and worthy. Don't let the ugly stress of suffering and resentment burn you inside out. Let your light shine and bring peace like a breeze of freshness wearing an invisible crown of strength and do something remarkable for courage is the cornerstone of faith. See your whole life at a glance and hold on to those strong Impulse that tell you to take control of your emotions and draw an amazing stroke of kindness to spread around. Do not be afraid of the storm, just learn to protect yourself with the help of answered prayers that can console and fortify and can take you unshaken through life to make it better.

5) Mend Your Spirit

Don't let your spirit crack or break. When required, take a break in a busy day. Be contented with what you have and draw your own boundaries so you don't have to wrestle with your fear. Look at your own contributions at the day's end and find sense of peace in it so you can discover new feelings of tenderness in the depth of emotions. Don't silence your thoughts, let it out and give them wings and soft voice because it will help you to mend your cracked and broken spirit.

6) Rules of the Road

As the day dawn beautiful and bright, promise yourself not to live in shadows or to spend in doubt. Face the world, plan and take action. Make your own rules of the road and follow them. Then you will see things falling into the pattern and putting balm we need to heal our wounds. Always remember to cling on to hope, for hope can hold our hands tight during time of suffering when emotions are taking a roller coaster ride. Just work and find the solution and know that faith is a powerful antidote so start your day and know life has zigzag course but we do have the ability to take a joy ride and paint it bright.

7) Awareness of Reality

Don't withdraw from the world, acquire true awareness of reality and throw away the burden of illusion. If you are sad, sit quietly by the fire place or under a burning candle and reflect upon your life. The only way to find peace is to let go of heavy bags of stress and troubles and let your problem and fear disappear in those moments. Cast off your burden of pain and then only radiant glory will appear and let you dance and swim like a waving petal in the sunlight and bring back serenity and comfort into your life.

8) Light up the World

Be grateful for the beautiful day and unlock the gate of hope. Connect with your heart and soul. It is in your own hands, so know that if you want you can get a deeper insight and have a spiritual growth to lighten up your world. Understand yourself and don't give up due to the pressure of everyday life. Be like a light that shines in the darkness and help to turn hurtful and hard experiences into joy. Just hang on and try to light up your world.

9) Life's Theory

Write down your own life's theory and create your own warning signs. Find reasons to give thanks to God for His blessings and gifts and bathe in the light of God's grace. Push away the clouds of doubt and enjoy the wonders of life. Don't try to live life backwards, because it will only hurt you more. Create a short version of your life's story and don't worry for what you can't see, may be it It is meant to be that way. So don't dig too deep into the inner reality, just live your life and try to keep sad tears and pain's shadow away.

10) Unlock the Fun

This is life happening In front of your eyes. Where everyone writes their own beginning and the ending. Where they experience their own moment of connection and some raw experiences. Always remember that life is not only ironic twist or the feeling of gloom. If you look outside the window you will see vibrant and colorful world out there too. You just have to learn to set your own upper and lower limits on things you need, only then you will be able to unlock the fun that can fill your emptiness with smiles and can restore lost harmony of your life. Just open your eyes and heart and happily accept the dazzling rewards that life hands out along with fragile emotions and pang. Nothing stays forever, these are temporary phases that come and go. So never lock the door of opportunities, let it swing to and fro and bring a world of amazing surprises with it.

11) Your Time Starts Now

Absorb in the light of the world and dont get trapped in time. Travel on the road and gain momentum. Don't think future is dark or deprive yourself of sunshine. Take charge of yourself and see the value in pain. Accept peace and release yourself from illusion. Remember this is the world of miracles, so let go of negative thoughts and know that your time starts now. If you put your faith in God, His love will surround you and He will direct your thoughts towards truth and peace, which will make your life's journey worthwhile. So be ready to redefine your world and start your journey to grow from inside out to rediscover your personal thoughts for which your time starts now.

12) A Journey of Survival

Keep pain out of your life and don't let sad tears of dark shadow fill your life or else your life will be crowded with the chasing darkness and the rush of panic. Life is a journey of survival and we learn numerous lessons as we journey through the years of loss and gain. So don't get lost in the echoes of the rising waves or let your life fade to black. Look around and listen to the voices of love and hope to create an unbreakable chain of dreams and unwearing faith that will pull you up and show you a positive vision to define your life under the shadow of a peaceful smile.

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