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Poems About: JOURNEY

In this page, poems on / about “journey” are listed.

  • 49.

    Natural life journey

    Looks to be better than read more »

    Ramesh T A
  • 50.
    Journey Knowing Pain

    The ‘JOURNEY’ of life is full of so many mysteries,
    Almost never giving the answers we would to hear.
    Cruel and hard as it seems,
    The journey continues from day to day, read more »

    Chiqui Babykin
  • 51.
    The Roads Of Life Keep Winding Up And Down

    The roads of life keep winding up and down
    They take us to obscurity and renown
    It is a journey we must undertake
    And along the way there's joy and there's heartbreak. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 52.
    A Journey Untraveled

    What is a dream if someone does not believe?
    What is life if someone can’t dream?
    What is a journey if there is no traveler?
    What is a traveler if there is no journey? read more »

    ziyanda mbasa
  • 53.

    Many are the stages from the cradle to the grave -
    Diversities in journey to each of us God gave.
    Within each stage of journey lies paths that one can choose-
    Depending on the chosen path, we either gain or lose. read more »

    Madelyn Yanchyshyn
  • 54.

    It came in a dream
    -the journey never lasts forever-
    It was borne by a dream
    - every road has its destination - read more »

    Johan Venter
  • 55.
    Our journey

    The journey for you and I is a long journey
    It’s a journey not yet started
    Through this journey, we will meet good and difficult times
    Down the road, some people will cheer and others will discriminate us read more »

    Joseph Essa
  • 56.

    Life is like a journey because we never know where we are going.
    The only thing we can do is hope our journey will lead us in the right direction.
    We just have to keep walking until our journey stops.
    Keep on moving until we make it to the promise land together. read more »

    Bryson Garrett
  • 57.
    The Journey

    We look out way in front
    To try and see the end
    We forget where we're walking
    And surely where we've been read more »

    Lagaya Evans
  • 58.
    A Journey

    Journey of my mind still pending…
    The heart is wound yet not healed up.
    My aches were not filled with care
    A tear touches another tear.. read more »

    Vanessa Hernandez
  • 59.

    Journey into depth of soul,
    slippery slope or mere hell-hole;
    taken despite wary warning
    finds may cause massive mourning. read more »

    Roshni D'Souza
  • 60.
    Journey Man

    Eclipsin' the sun, with the moon blue,
    Traipsin' off the path beaten, true,
    He's got the world in an empty can,
    Sadly nowhere is the Journey Man. read more »

    Lucius Sulla
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