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Poems About: JOURNEY

In this page, poems on / about “journey” are listed.

  • 61.
    Lead My Hand O' Dear Life

    lead my hand
    on this land
    o' dear life,
    until the end read more »

    Onalethuso Petruss Ntema
  • 62.
    Lonely Journey for Solitary Mom!

    Life is mystery with countless ups and downs
    In the long or short road of shadows
    Taking its journey with no sustain
    A journey to the long or short road is never-ending read more »

    Ezna Stephna
  • 63.
    life and time

    if life is a book, then time is pen--writing pages of life journey;
    if life is a piece of white paper, then time is color--painting more colorful life journey;
    if life is a long river, then time is surging waves--pushing forward of life journey;
    if life is a tree, then time is pieces of green leaves--enriching life journey; read more »

    flying heart
  • 64.
    Until The Journeys End

    you and i have come a long long way
    travelled a lot of back roads and highways
    we've seen the best and worst there is to see
    and thru it all you've meant so much to me read more »

    Cheryl Adair
  • 65.
    The Dangerous Journey Of Love! ! !

    Love is a one way journey, in which it is easy to get in,
    every heart makes this journey, hoping someday they win,
    some hearts never stop and make this journey way to far,
    and realize their mistake, only when they end up with a scar. read more »

    Kumar Kumar
  • 66.
    The Early Journey Of Time

    Time your journey,
    Since earliest existance it has began so long...
    Nougth have i seen to worth a quarter far as the distance you journey. read more »

    barnabas michael barde
  • 67.

    I'm feeling so focused and calm today
    nothing negative is gonna get in my way
    my eyes are shining so bright and clear,
    it feels like all my dreams, close to coming true are near. read more »

    Liz Munro
  • 68.
    Fat Women vs Skinny Women

    Where does it end with the skinny women getting skinnier
    and the fat women getting fatter
    what's going on in this world?
    You've got different shapes and sizes read more »

    Nathan Strange
  • 69.
    Life is a short journey.

    Life is a short journey
    It may be bitter
    It may be honey
    Life is a short journey read more »

    Bouche Cousue
  • 70.
    Endless Journey

    There is a journey we all take,
    To find who we are, what we will be and more.
    The journey is endless, for it follows life
    the good times and the bad. read more »

    Kai Schultz
  • 71.
    Journey Towards Light

    Walking on the road, I realized something amiss
    On turning my back I saw my shadow had disappeared
    Leaving me all alone in my journey towards light; read more »

    Faiz Khan
  • 72.
    Day Dreamer

    i am on a journey to where i dont know
    as i start this journey dont know were to go
    to start the journey i take one step
    dont look back try to forget read more »

    john mc cudden
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