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The Doubted Journey - Poem by Gaylord Munemo

I really want you, ceratainly,
I really need you, definitely
As a poor man in solitude,
Holding bags looking at the sky,
Seeing no hope in the clouds,
As they gather power to rain,
Should I go or maybe stay,
Its me and the doubted journey

The trains are all gone, hopeless
And my message is not getting through,
Its raining and im torn, merciless,
Some told me to walk away,
Some told me to walk towards,
I went on bended knees,
Its me and my doubted journey

And all the wars im fighting,
All the thoughts that come along,
Should I step foward,
Will you open your arms almost lover,
Or maybe close them for good,
Looking foward is like looking backwards,
I am not a mad man, im falling in love,
Its just me and my doubted journey

Looking at you was like coming,
Looking at myself was like going,
Such precision my mind did deny,
Yet such purity my heart did desire,
Such thoughts she want me to retire,
Yet such a feeling is full of disire,
Im not amorous, im a man in love,
Poor me, love is walking away,
Yes my heart is seeking thee,
Yet my mind thinks otherwise,
Its me and the doubted journey

Her eyes were like balls of white snow,
Her ears so perfect and adorable,
Stretched by the golden hearts hanging,
With the posture of real womanhood,
And modesty of a unwavering lady,
Will you ever feel the same noble woman?
Or maybe life has less to offer?
More to offer to them not me?
Time was my friend and I trusted,
He bacame Judas, like always,
Being so perfect together we seem,
Yet its just the wrong time,
The roses we see,
The thorns we see,
The gardens we enter,
The gardens not ours,
The minds we have,
The ideas we device,
Should I steal a rose,
In my garden how will I place,
Have I found you yet,
Or maybe otherwise,
Unto the garden you reside shall i walk,
Or unto that garden shall I stay away,
Its me and my doubted journey

I would choose to be a warrior of love,
Than fear hang around itself on my neck,
Too bad he might drag me into oblivion,
Yet the journey I have taken,
Its just me,
And the doubted journey

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