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  • 61.
    Joy True Joy

    Joy, True Joy Is To Be
    My emotions wish to feel true joy
    As life is to live and love
    With true feelings for someone who is one of a kind read more »

  • 62.
    Tears of Joy!

    Tears of Joy!

    Tears of joy I will cry for you, let my love flow eyes for all to see!
    Tears of joy I will be your happiness, I will be there to erase them for you! read more »

  • 63.
    Joy and Sorrow

    One can hear the voice of sorrow sobbing, sobbing endlessly
    Yet it hides in dark recesses sorrow you can never see
    It's a black and brooding creature with a voice that aches of pain
    And all of those who have met with it hope not to meet with it again. read more »

  • 64.

    Is it possible?
    Can it be done?
    To capture Joy
    Loves smile begun read more »

  • 65.

    You bring peace and serenity into my life.
    Joy to my entire existence. Joy is the light
    That fills my heart with hope of the future,
    Faith that we will be together forever. It’s read more »

  • 66.
    Oh Joy, Oh Joy

    Oh joy, oh joy, don't leave just yet, linger on awhile and wash my days with a mist of morning dew..just enough to make me feel alive and full of you.
    Oh joy, oh joy, i strech and purr like a kitten after her nap knowing you are nearby with a touch so soft and yet so familiar with my every aches and make them enhanced and slide on to a ride that won't stop until i reach that place of bliss where you never know if you will find your way back.
    Oh joy, oh joy, stay awhile longer please..don't hasten to leave me yet,
    The after glow may stay to put us both to sleep and a smile on our faces and warmth running through our bodies like a river down a hill, so smooth and ever changing. read more »

  • 67.
    Now I Know Life Better

    A long walk to the end of the earth, I took a sneak in to the cauldrons of time,
    I saw there were a little joy, a little hope and a little sorrow and loads of tomorrow
    I held my hand out in to the pot, to collect some joy,
    I grabbed tinsels of joy that kept slipping away in shy read more »

  • 68.
    After Joy Comes Misery

    I am the sweetest Fool ever known

    A Black soul of love unsown read more »

  • 69.

    I had a friend,
    Who's name joy.
    We shared a laugh.
    We cared by smile. read more »

  • 70.
    The Ballad of Mr.Sorrow & Ms.Joy

    In the porch of a building
    Under the bright lamp
    They hugged each other wistfully
    After several years read more »

  • 71.

    Her song of joy
    She sings
    Every morning
    The joy of her read more »

  • 72.

    read more »

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