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Love & Pain...Are You - Poem by Waldon Pond Productions

You are the Pain and the joy,
on the stage of life.

You are the pain, when your are distant
from me and you are the joy in my
memories of you.

You are the pain, when your touch I
can not feel and you are the joy,
as I hold you near.

You are the pain, when tears you
have caused and you are the joy, for the
laughter in my life.

You are the pain, when indifference enters
our life and you are the joy, when you
place me before others.

You are the pain, when you busy life, has
little time for me and you are the joy,
when there is just us.

You are the pain, as you seek that which
glitters in life and you are the joy,
as you are immersed, in the makings of God.

You are the pain, when angered and abrupt
and you are the joy when seeking
to make amends.

You are the pain, when anger is your
roadblock to reason and you are the
joy, when you step back and seek
a solution.

You are the pain, in you compulsives and singleness
of purpose, to be successful...and you are
a joy, when you blanket those you
care for, with love.

You are the pain, when impatience leads you down
an uncertain path and you are the joy, as you
carefully plot a pragmatic course.

You are the pain, when you listen...but
do not hear and you the joy, when
patient and understanding.

You are the pain, when other matters,
substitute our love, and you are the joy,
when we are fused together as one.

You the a pain, in our spirited
disagreements, and you are
the joy, as you say, I love you.

The lesson we know well, that in
this life, there is no joy, unless
there is pain.

© Joe Fazio

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