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In Search Of Happiness - Poem by Alfred Kumar

Longing to fill the void in my heart
I took up a quest to find an elixer
The elixer, which all humanity is insearch for
The elixer of joy, the elixer of peace

Worn out by the strain of my life
Tired of treading on rocky path
Carrying within me the heart
That is barren of joy, spent of peace

Longing to unlock the spell of peace,
Searching for a address where I can find joy
I pondered all the places, but all went in vain

I claimbed on the high mountains
In the the dence woods
In search of a Crystal spring of joy
With all my search I found none

Thinking it is hideing amongest wealth
I searched tirelessly in to my wealth
But thru my all search, I plunged deeper in to sorrow
But there was no sign of joy and peace

I traveled far and away
Took plunge in to all holy rivers
Hoping to wash away the sorrow of mine
But all the plunges put me in deepest vein

As a rustless Ant, i gathered all,
Travelling to and fro
Asking all men I met on the way
Can u please tell me where to find peace?
But the reply I got put me in to abyss of sorrow
They say, I cannot tell u for I am too in search of the same

Walking on a desolate street, confused and lost
Mind bombarding with questions,
For which no anwer can be found

As a bolt of lightning striking on a lone tree
A flash of thaught flashed my mind.
Can peace be found in the tranquality of death?
Determined to put it to test
I claimbed of a tall cliff, to throw my self down
To end my life, to take away this soul form my body

I shut my eyes and was ready to plunge
But a divine force held me back
The sky opened with bright light
And a loud voice came gushing thru

The voice said
'Why art thou search me out side you
For I am not away from you
For I dwell not in the world
But I took abode in the purity of your heart
I am in you and you are in me
Look in to your heart, for you shall find me there'

I looked in to the depth of my heart
There I found what I sought
Gushing and overflowing drowning me deep
Deep in to joy and peace I never found before

Thus I enlightened to a truth
Seek not out for joy and peace
For you have in abundance within you

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