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Life Without Love - Poem by Timothy A. Hess

What's it like to spend a day without love to caress you,
In some ways it's really not to bad but other days it will get you feeling pretty damned blue.
Waking up without the touch of a body with you on the bed,
You wake up wondering if this situation was something you did or something you said.
Going home to an empty house every night,
At least then you can't say something wrong that will lead to a fight.
Taking a shower alone without that loving body helping you wash your back,
It sucks not having that someone so you can bubble up, dry off and touch places that lead to the sack.
No one to cook for, or have take them out for a meal,
No reason to have a grill for one, it's easier to go out and eat cheap hambergers than enjoy something with veal.
Friends are cool to come over for a video game,
Still it's just not the same.
Going shopping together and being alone in a market, getting frisky and grabbing their butt,
It's sure as hell not the same when you are scratching between the shoulders of your mutt.
Those long night kisses that leads to tender rubs,
The good thing at my age and operation, it won't lead to seeing baby doctors in their scrubs.
Time spent with that special someone, holding hands, rubbing feet, giving that all important massage,
Being alone all those memories becomes a giant screwed up collage.
Can't remember the last time you made love, how that body smelled or taste, or the last time you kissed,
But you can remember when they slammed the door when they were pissed.
You daydream that you find that person that feels so right,
Making love everything feels so tight,
Kissing is so damned good that you both call work and you won't be in that day,
Not a word is spoken, body language can be even sweeter that way.
Yes I know I am talking about the easy stuff about a person that would be with you,
I wonder how to find that person where the relationship is true.
At times you may get mad at each other, but your heart really explodes in orgasmic wants when you see them far away,
And you fall in love with them again, every August, October, Feburary July, January, June, Septemeber, March, June, Novemeber, April, December and May.

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