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Poems About: KISS

In this page, poems on / about “kiss” are listed.

  • 253.
    kiss of an angel

    They were a soft kiss that he felt on his lips.
    The kiss was gentle and made him fell warm.
    The kiss made him fell safe and secure.
    Just for the special seconds he had her in his arms. read more »

    kelly berry
  • 254.
    Just A Kiss

    It was just a Kiss
    A harmless little Kiss
    But it was so tender & so sweet
    I completely succumbed read more »

    Millennium Rose
  • 255.
    A Thousand Kisses

    Even if I kissed you a thousand times
    everytime would be anew
    everytime would confirm my love for jou
    share my soul, my breath read more »

    Pablo Loves Life
  • 256.
    Hold me

    I love it when you hold me
    kiss my lips so supple and warm
    head spinning with sensations
    my body tingles in magnetic storm read more »

    Teresa Reck
  • 257.

    Kiss is

    Happness... read more »

    poet selvakumar
  • 258.
    Tender Kisses

    Lips so soft and sweet keep me awake at night,
    I think about the times we kiss, and everything seems right.
    1 kisses,2 kisses,3 kisses,4,
    spending all day kissing you, read more »

    Brandy O'Hair
  • 259.
    just a kiss

    just a kiss
    all I need is your kiss
    you give me this feeling that I can't explain
    I swear it's driving me insane read more »

    kuzo freak
  • 260.
    The Judas Kiss

    It was the Judas kiss
    Which betrayed our Lord that night;
    Judas kissed him in the darkness
    He did not walk in light. read more »

    Richard Merrell
  • 261.
    If I

    If I
    Was to kiss you
    Would you pout or refrain
    Make this heart chug a locomotive read more »

    Mark Heathcote
  • 262.
    Learn Kiss In Just One Hour!

    I translate
    your body language
    into a dialect of Kiss read more »

    Dónall Dempsey
  • 263.
    After The Kiss

    After she kissed me, breath was described
    As the longing for her to kiss me again,
    And I found authors had failed in their 'scribing
    of a kiss, for it was better by tens read more »

    Leslie Alexis
  • 264.
    Kiss Me Softly

    Kiss me softly, kiss me slow
    Let me savor
    The fruits of our labor
    Close your eyes and let the feeling flow read more »

    Alfred Ramos
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