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  • 73.
    Peace and Conflict

    Peace is laughter ike a musical bell,
    Conflict is people crying,
    Peace is everything being well,
    Conflit is people dieing,
    Peace is a very wonderful thing,
    Conflict can be used t pursue peace,
    Peace is a sound that makes you sing,
    Conflict is the least luxurious thing,
    Peace is sought after
    And sometimes found,
    Confit is punishment,
    Paying the price,
    Peace is being on safe ground,
    Conflict makes people with heart of ice,
    Peace you find in your heart,
    Conflict tears our minds apart,
    So remember these words and you'll live well,
    Peace is laughter like a musical bell... read more »

  • 74.
    Hold not thy laughter

    Hold not thy laughter
    For that joyful sound
    I am forever after, seeking when you are around
    Waiting for it to chortle, in the background read more »

  • 75.
    The Sea And The Man

    You will not tame this sea
    either by humility or rapture.
    But you can laugh
    in its face. read more »

  • 76.
    Without A Laugh Day

    Some people about money they worry themselves gray
    But life is scarce worth living without a laugh a day
    For if you live without laughter how boring your life must be
    You are worse off than a pauper though you may be well off financially. read more »

  • 77.
    When the laughter stops

    When the laughter stops
    And what when the laughter stops
    Do we care to ask read more »

  • 78.
    We Need Some Laughter In Our Lives

    We need some laughter in our lives since laughter makes us happy
    I know this bloke he never smiles like baby with wet nappy
    He always seems so close to tears for him I do feel pity
    Financially well to do and spiritually poor many like him in this City read more »

  • 79.

    Mole-like token let it be bestowed on you
    Bell-like liquid an outpour light and blue read more »

  • 80.
    Precious One

    Sugar sweetness in angel form
    Laughter and kisses divine
    The day that God made you
    The heavens rejoiced read more »

  • 81.

    I can still touch
    with the fingertip of memory

    your Venetian laughter read more »

  • 82.
    The Woman

    There, under the stuttering street light,
    She stands,
    Tucking away those loose strands
    Of her hair, filling the night read more »

  • 83.

    Laughter the best of human tendencies and outlet of emotions
    One cannot avoid laughter throughout his life
    The individual who is incapable to laugh in such feelings
    That makes the mind in humor and happiest and best of moods read more »

  • 84.
    Laughter -new-

    Born out of joy
    Jovial moments are captured
    By the wavering laughter
    Bursting out of a happy heart read more »

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