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A Hell Called Life - Poem by Celene Bonin

Why is it that when you finally become at ease in your life it always crashes back down and makes you feel worse than ever before…. It makes you feel that your life isn’t worth living with this pain…. The pain of whatever you do you’re not going to get anywhere because it will always reverse itself and place you back where you were before….then the pain becomes even worse than before….I mean if your life is just going to reject itself why bother trying to move forward if you’re just going to be sent back to square one…it’s not fair you should be able to live your life without obstacles standing in your way…living life like this is inapt….because you have a tendency to attempt suicide….you feel trapped in a never ending nightmare…and you believe suicide is the only escape from the imprisonment called life….. And right now…an escape I what I need… an escape from the people in the world whose only desire is to put you down…send you back to step one and no…there is not a space to collect two hundred dollars because you can’t get a break from it…there seems to be no good thing about your life like there is nothing that’s holding you back from jumping off the edge into the depths of hell because to you…. Hell sounds a lot better than your life is…. I just wish there was a reject button so you can emit yourself from the nightmare and just give up on life…. For me…there is no reason to live anymore...because whatever I do…whatever I do….it always rejects itself and sets me back to the world that I wish to escape from… and I am really tired of it…because the more I try to fix it the worse it gets….it’s just not worth the pain anymore…..

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