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What Is Life? What Is Its Meaning? - Poem by Ramdas Bhandarkar

What is Life?
When mind enters the matter,
matter develops the mind,
Truth that splits into Three,
It is like fragile glass tree,
Three roots Father, spirit and Son,
Turn that hour glass,
the time starts with
Fusion of gametes,
In the game of love,
Father sits on throne,
Spirit fuels thirst, hunger and desires,
One day life itself starts wondering what is Life?
When life gets kicks for its desires and deeds,
Stands up and asks,
What is meaning of Life?
When metabolism shifts equilibrium,
Rate of catebolism exceeds anobolic rate,
Then starts thinks about fate!
What is the meaning of life?
The life finds answer in life itself,
Life finds answer in its question itself,
Father, spirit and Son trinity,
When son is full of spirit,
Wants to eat, drink, dance and make merry,
Forgets he has to cross the great ferry!
but when spirit stops fueling life, the son,
Thinks of father and sits somewhere alone,
In solitude looks at and screams
O, Father where are you?
When life learns neither matter, nor the mind,
But the truth that became God and satan,
The tree and the serpent,
Mind that was in confusion,
Asking what is Life,
Learns that life is not that,
Neither friend nor foe of life itself,
Only that confusion,
like a boy went to a fair to
purchase trained horse for race,
but lost its money on amusement
only able to purchase an old useless ass!
Life is like that,
If life rides life, life gets kicks and reach a dead end!
If life is led by life, life can live life full of bliss than full of fun and fun to other life it becomes,
When slips footing on its own shit,
Instead of flying like inter galactic space ship!

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