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Life Is Crazy Right? - Poem by meg pal

Life is crazy and what can you do about it right? i guess i'am pretty sure everyone thinks like that yeah i can say that much i think like that alot.But i know how eveyone feels i been through alot my whole life and i'am about to be 18 in a couple of months and grduating in less then 8. All the things you go through in life and experience makes you that strong person you are no matter how rough or easy you may think your life was back then and now. There is a time in life when you have to realize that life is not like a video game you die and come back alive.''DON'T WE ALL WISH''. but unfortantly its either you live the right way of life and make the right decisions by not joining gangs and doing dumb things that you do not want to do, and u do them just to fit in and make friends shouldn't have to just to please someone else its just not right everyone is unique in there own way 4 a reason. because no one is alike. you are who you are bacause of your personalilty and ability to do things other people can't.If you want the fast life like they say to make money faster and you join gangs beat people up and kill them cause they are a different gang and race. i just don't get it, it makes no sense at all to me. My question is why can't we all get along and make peace? Is it to hard to except the fact that everyone is different and comes from diffeent families who have it all or families that have nothing at all. Its not fair you get picked on cause you don't have name brand shoes on and you were payless shoes. I mean shoes are shoes and most kids just can't have what you got cause there parents don't have the money to get them what the want.None of that should matter weather your cloths are name brand or not, all that matters is that you have clothes on your back and shoes on your feet to walk in. why judge people how they look and dress all that matters is they are people just like you and are dying to get there education they need to get to be what they want in the future.People who make the right choices in life get futher then the ones who don't. Yeah we all go through a struggle to get where we need and want to be, and in the end its all worth it. more 2 come soon

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