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Aphorisms From Wisdom Collection: The Book Of Wisdom 451 - 600 - Poem by Sorin Cerin

451. Believe the one who says that he knows what he is doing, because he has no other option.
452. The climax of enmity lies in the one hidden himself.
453. Nobody can be above himself.
454. Nothing can be more painful than torture of the soul nailed to the cross of love.
455. When you stare at this world I wonder if God can forget.
456. The truest word is the one not spoken.
457. The hair of your Destiny’s beauty is shattered by the wind of death of a Time of good fortune from being in this world without luck.
458. Time has revolted from so much Illusion of Life that it rained only with vain hopes over the wisdom which vested death.
459. We are constantly a tear of dream beyond ourselves.
460. Pain and destiny are the two dimensions of this world transformed in space and time by the Illusion of Life.
461. Who knows how many rainbows of Time will pass until I will meet your eyes from beyond life.
462. Let me be alone with myself and do not insult my disillusion any more with the rusted leaf of the love of your life.
463. We are the ash stemming from the creation oven which burns the love of our fathers.
464. How many flocks will streak the sky of my life searching for death by the hands of Destiny?
465. The traces of dreams are tears of awakening.
466. Tell me how many words have you fed with your heart?
467. I understand you, angel of death, as you are our only destination, where life will remain without Destiny.
468. I will tighten you in the arms of my future to find us again in the eternity without past of death.
469. I believed in the starlight sky above your soul more than in my star and I got lost from myself but also from our star.
470. Why can only the dream give birth or kill, offer or love?
471. How classical is death for each of us when it becomes a life destination pattern.
472. Believing in the Illusion of Life, thus living our life. Here is one magic formula to happiness.
473. All your life’s words are a snowball that is rolling incessantly towards the fiery furnace of death.
474. Only your eyes are deeper than the entire Universe together.
475. I was not wrong when I wanted to grasp the cigarette smoke saying how much I love you.
476. Only in your hand I have found the trenches of rivers from which to drink the water of life.
477. Nobody and nothing in this world will succeed in separating the same God placed within two souls.
478. Roses are more beautiful when they sting because only thus you can feel their greatness.
479. Forget the world if you want to understand yourself.
480. The line of my life’s’ horizon lies in your heart.
481. I have rejected any contact with some cold words not to get sick.
482. I don’t tell where to go because we all have the same path toward death.
483. Nobody knows precisely where he comes from, to be able to find out why he walks.
484. I have dreamed of the light of your star in the night of my soul and this is how I understood why I love you.
485. Even if the fire steps of the Time leave deep traces in our souls they can never trash the miracle of memory for which we exist.
486. No clouds forgive their drops when they extinguish the fire of love.
487. We have reborn from the ashes of our own salvation like a Phoenix.
488. Always go beyond myself if you want to meet me.
489. Leave the sin alone because there is no fault in itself if it exists.
490. When our star will shine beyond any death, space or time you will understand that I have never lived life but the moment.
491. I will turn the face of longing to the horizon of your tired heart of the red clouds of what promises to be wind clouds of fulfillment.
492. Allow my vanity of life to run for the ocean of death inside me.
493. Do not worry when the branch that unites our destinies is broken under the weight of our thoughts because it is heading to the same death as we do.
494. There is no misunderstood meaning because even that is also a meaning, but with another meaning.
495. Why does the cold of your gaze burn any word not covered enough by my soul?
496. How does Time sing the romantic song of eternal love when he minces eternity?
497. Wear the wisdom map with you not to wreck the waves of regret on the lost shore.
498. There is no man truly happy his whole life but only a man truly lived by life.
499. Do not let the ice of the words flood your tear of longing.
500. We all have different goals which we want achieved in life, forgetting that life’s goal is in death.
501. At first you will find beauty in yourself and only then outside of you.
502. However strong you will wrap yourself up with the eyelids you will never forget the coldness of some feelings.
503. To whom can you say out of nowhere about the clearest sense of your life, if not to the callous palms of the death’s wings flight to nowhere.
504. Which mirror can be livelier than the gloss of a lake of suffering as full of the sweat of this existence as it overflows?
505. Do not worry about anything because even this is destined to you through death.
506. Has anyone come to understand the meaning of the world stuck in her own destiny?
507. Each train has its path and every life, its death.
508. The number of days of life is up to death.
509. The weary to rest, the living to live, but the dead can still die?
510. How much difference is between me and the one outside me that often I come to wonder who I am?
511. Wherever you go you still have to come back, beside death.
512. Why are there cataclysms? For even God's words to this world shudder.
513. I will sit in the arms of the light of your eyes in order to gaze at the infinite stars within you.
514. Never touch death if you want to live.
515. I would give you a bouquet of love from the flowers of my heart which will never fade.
516. Do you want to know the true meaning of our purpose in this world? Look at the loneliness and ask yourself if it is good.
517. No one is anyone but if he was not born to die.
518. I wandered on the shore of your gaze and tried to understand the flight of the seagulls of some thoughts into boundlessness wanting to understand why we in the world of illusory horizons.
519. The instinct of life has the supreme defender: Death!
520. I steer in the fate’s drift illuminated by the light of your eyes, trying to find our love’s great guiding lighthouse, in the night of feelings bleached by the smallest hopes of being together.
521. The best path is the one you love.
522. Not the feast of a ceremony is important but the meaning of the holiday to change something within us.
523. Without celebrations we would be poorer and we would lose our connection with the sacred inside us.
524. In the moment of our eternal love your gaze is a celebration.
525. The gift is the bridge to freedom to be with each other.
526. Always remember your ancestors because they are who you are today.
527. Do not confront your destiny because you will face yourself.
528. The heat of words cannot be watered with the rain of silence except through love.
529. Let the sun flood your heart’s window, to vanish the darkness within you with the dawn of love.
530. God, I wonder how many thorns we need for you to save us?
531. Do not scatter the grain of the word because it can sprout announcing the spring of your purpose in this world.
532. He who is without sin cannot be born in the world of sin left by the God of love!
533. Do not shout beyond yourself because you will not be understood either way.
534. No matter how far you travel defying all space and time, inside yourself it will always be the furthest.
535. Which petal in the flower of your soul will not die in the fall of oblivion?
536. Never trust the clothes of Word because they can be as misleading as a man's clothes. Believe only in the soul of the Word.
537. How fast life sets behind the dream star of death.
538. The sentimental blizzard of life becomes the inner fire that burns my soul at the gate of our great love.
539. Let time say anything because all things that are his are passing.
540. Some are kept alive only by the envy of vanity that urges them to revenge on fulfilled Emptiness.
541. Woe to he who does not know the exact time of his own life.
542. Emptiness and Nonsense are the greatest peaks of this world. Which is the highest?
543. Look at a corpse and ask yourself where the vast grandeur of life is?
544. The difference between mankind and humanity is like that between life and death.
545. The fellows of mankind exist, but the fellows of humanity live together!
546. There are no numbers whose origin can start without one, as there is no God who cannot be One and by Chance. Whose loneliness should we mourn over God’s or man’s?
547. Hear the ring of the clock of your soul’s nature.
548. What could there be in the kingdom of death that can be known with certainty in this world?
549. Everything that has a time of its own will die.
550. Even Time is born as any journey that heads into death together with its time.
551. Only the limit of the will can openly tell you who you are in this world of sin.
552. Which sphinx does not have his stone sculpted by the wind of moments and which man is not eroded by Time?
553. Near Time you are certain of death.
554. Only sunrise can bring sunset to itself and sunset can bring sunrise again.
555. No matter how hot the summer will be, it is closer to autumn than winter is.
556. How is it possible that this world never gets tired by carrying so much vanity and sin?
557. I already miss the moment of your light, to feel the smell of your memories hay, mowed by oblivion.
558. Ask your loneliness the reason for which each of us has his own world of Destiny?
559. Why does longing hurt in the world of sin?
560. Who was mistaken, God or myself, when we reached the world of sin, that is becoming my own?
561. Even the one who does not search his way can walk the same good path as the one who obstinately searches for it. They both will find the same death.
562. It depends on death whether you have truly lived your life or not.
563. How much blood will still flow into the veins of Destiny of this sinful world?
564. Everything that has a Destiny will die.
565. Who is the one that has an immortal Destiny?
566. There is no immortal Destiny because it eventually has to be fulfilled.
567. An immortal Destiny is an unfulfilled one.
568. For a Destiny to be fulfilled in immortality is like one will accept that immortality is a conclusion and thus it has an ending.
569. Silence has sometimes the strongest voice.
570. The highest flight is only inside you.
571. None of the beauties of this world are worth as your heart is.
572. No matter how beautiful are the wonders of the world, they can never reach the feet of the greatest love stories.
573. Illogic is logics pedestal.
574. God, how much sky does this sinful world have?
575. God, only the prayers penitence can save us?
576. What has been before the world will exist after it as well.
577. Absolute Truth is the difference between reality and illusion.
578. Truth is the slate on which Word is writing itself.
579. Only God can say I to any of us.
580. We are born only to trample under our feet the world of sin our entire life, heading each one in different directions only to meet together the same death.
581. Please, love, leave my Destiny in your soul.
582. Fear is the breath of life.
583. How empty would we be if we did not cover our soul with the dust of birth?
584. Earth being round could be a simple accident?
585. The pain of the soul can only be treated with a soul.
586. Nothing heart deeper than love.
587. You have been a hope of my life’s dream, lost in the mist of this world’s vanity.
588. What can be more important than waking up from the dream of life?
589. Encountering you, I have dreamed this life beside you, and this is why you have become the great love of my life.
590. Do you remember when I loved you beyond infinity? I didn’t believe then that infinity can be so immense.
591. I miss your eyes and the beautiful moments about you from God’s Word.
592. Eternity is a simple ghost in relation to the clear sky in your eyes.
593. There is so much clear sky inside me that I always hope for a great love’s storm.
594. What we men would do without death? Or without the love to show us the path beyond death?
595. There is no greater poverty than ignorance.
596. If I didn’t have to choose the most precious gift between space and time, I wouldn’t, but instead I would think of the Word of God who thought of both only for the Illusion of Life.
597. If every spoken word would be a drop, up to where would the words’ ocean be and which shores would it wash?
598. Only with yourself you can learn to die.
599. I have fatigued my loneliness like a piece of paper creased by Destiny only to be able to meet somewhere in time.
600. Who has given us the word of God in the world of sin? Life and Death.

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