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Poems About: LIGHT

In this page, poems on / about “light” are listed.

  • 145.
    For W

    so much light
    in my eyes
    blinds read more »

  • 146.
    Sunglasses Tame Blinding Glare

    sunlight is too bright
    eyes stream cannot
    open in intense bright read more »

    Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)
  • 147.

    The weight our hearts bare, is all but light.
    Our secrets need to be brought to light.

    Prisoners cry in their cells.
    They beg to see the day's light. read more »

    Jay Brown
  • 148.
    The Light Of Wisdom

    The sun gives us sufficient light
    the moon gives us moonlit night
    the stars give us twinkling light
    yet the cottage of my heart is dark read more »

    ramesh rai
  • 149.
    The Pale Green Light

    Still I feel the pale green light
    Still I forget to smell you the lighty
    Still you shine on my darkside
    Light make me the luck, but still the wisdom read more »

    Thampi KEE
  • 150.
    where are the lights hidden?

    When look into the sky, there is some light, then dark,
    When look into the heart there is lot of truth clogged,
    When look into the eye, there is a cloudy lens, fogged,
    Let the light be shown everywhere to see the invisible, read more »

    veeraiyah subbulakshmi
  • 151.

    A bit of light would be enough to melt my present with my past to weed away all sorrowful days and keep the good ones only in mind

    A bit of light would be enough to light up peoples mind and the knowledge that strength our courage to shout out and say stop against the brutality of my fellow man. read more »

    Sossi Khachadourian
  • 152.

    The darkness shant always remain
    for in every darkness there is a light
    but with every light there is a darkness
    neither can strive without the other read more »

    Thomas Tyree
  • 153.
    light me, oh light me

    light me, oh light
    and hear me scream
    this is a nightmare
    not a dream read more »

    Brandon Brooks
  • 154.
    Light Does Matter

    I have a certain light, in me is a light,
    That spoke often enough in the day
    And dived into the night to be a defiance.
    I had a dream of nights and their issues read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 155.
    Shekinah Light

    The shekinah light drove Moses into the cleft
    Felled Paul on the way to Damascus
    Blinds all who look upon God’s unveiled face.
    The light must be diffused to bring life read more »

    James Tipp
  • 156.
    Light and dark

    read more »

    Aaron Flores
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