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My Darkest Hour - Poem by Khaos Dven

My Darkest hour: My darkest hour come backs to haunt me. It will never let me be. My darkest hour replays in my mind, like it’s stuck on rewind. I tell myself it’s a nightmare but when I look again there’s Death giving me an ugly stare. His mouth opens the temperature plummets and he says “My friend YOU have done it”! And his charred black head sways backwards and laughs as if he has told a hilarious joke. I start to choke on my tears and realize my darkest hour has just begun. My second horror came after Death. When I saw who it was I could not draw a single breath. There sitting before me was a figure dressed all in black. It extended its skeletal hand and cackled “My name is Jack! ” When I did not take his hand he got up to stand. He cackled again and told me my life was hopeless and I have nothing to look forward to. He placed his cold hands on my shoulder and said “But give me your soul and I will forgive you”. I was screaming tears streaming and there off in the distance….a was gone like there was no resistance. I took off through the darkness head forward never looking back, I had to get through this black….I came through the light barely there, I felt bare and just then I realized who I was and where. I woke up bed drenched in sweat, happy it was a dream I will forget. But my darkest hour is still in my mind, it takes me while I sleep, it makes me blind. But that light is just a few moments away because my darkest hour gave her a light a glow. One that she can now show. I now have hope, im going to stay with her. Because she’s MY white dove, my real love. And when the darkness leaves all that’s there is her. The light. And that’s all I need at night.

Comments about My Darkest Hour by Khaos Dven

  • Rookie Tai Chi Italy (8/4/2008 6:33:00 PM)

    And I feel sure that she feels exactly the same about you. Destiny never mistakes it's matches. Wonderful work....I loved it and I am sure many who read will identify with it's expression perfectly written. Smiling at you, Tai (Report) Reply

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  • Rookie - 0 Points Theany Ouy (4/18/2008 6:08:00 PM)

    What a beautiful piece, I enjoyed reading it a lot. Thank you for sharing..

    T.O. (Report) Reply

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