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As A Result Of Him - Poem by Julie Park

And, from somewhere, something, someone, with body like mine, but not like mine, do dareth to come upon me. And to casteth their doubt into Love and, also into Love that is so bright, mine own Heart could feel this. Causeth this someone, causeth this fear of the unknown is, 'the First Darkness' whom doth, in sighted eyes that blind the blind; and with closed fists that cripple the crippled; cast the first Shadow of Doubt which stealeth the sky's sight. And the Sky did darken into the blackest of Shadows as Doubt did cast itself upon all that there is. And, this Time came to be so known as the Night. And from somewhere, and from someplace, He is the First Love and He is the Truth. He doth deeply hold mineself so tight in his Love and wraps mineself so tight in his 'Body' that He hath given; unto All that is His is Everything's to recieve His Love and His Comfort. He shareth with the Sky and with All that Is, His Wisdom. With Judgement, there is no Wisdom. With Wisdom there can be no Judgement, He saith. And Judgement would not be received by All; but by the shadow that doth doubt only thineself and which hath did fail at enlightenment from His Wisdom poured out, but gained by Doubt was not. Doubt hath no Love for thineself or for Others. Suffering greatly, Doubt is from ignorance. Doubt is from fear. Doubt doth fear the unknown....All that Is. Doubt doth fear thineself; and casteth He who is the Truth, was His way upon the blackened Sky. He so carried Stars up into the Galaxies and so calleth these Stars of our Galaxy the Constellations. And the Dark was no more. And in this Galaxy, the Constellations number Eighty-eight. And with each Constellation is a different Musical Note. And, with Eighty-eight notes numbering the same as that of what would be called a Piano, the Songs of the Galaxies are played through the Sky, throughout Time. And He is Love. And He is Truth. And He is Honor. As He is Enlightenment to All. And Enlightenment becomes the Darkness, bringing Light. So, causeth this my first Breath. So causeth in Sky, the first Winds. Light intervenes upon the Eve of Doubts which, in Eve's very 'lie' in the darkness, so also causeth the longest 'Time', first called Night. This light begat a new perspective for All to See. Unto us, from this light, cometh what has come to be called the Moon. And this Light which hath bringeth the Moon also casteth with Thine own Will, Day into the Sky and calleth this Light, the Sun. And the World became two parts. And there is the Day. And there is the Night. And in the Day is the Sun’s Rays, He so Lights. And in the Night is the Moon’s beams, He so Lights. The Sun bringeth with it the Day and the Moon bringeth with it the Night. From before this, exists the Truth and the Love from which All is. The very Colors of the World that encapsulate a Rainbow, Paint, also, the Worlds. The Moon illuminates the Dark with its Beams. The Sun steals away the Darkness with its Rays. Swathing mineself in Minds, theirs, is the Love which begat the Sun and the Love which hath also begat the Moon. And the Truth and the Light are One; whom is All Ways, and so, is Always, there. Though blind to their sight I was, the Sun and the Moon hath given me thine Eyes to See. So, too, are the Sun and the Moon accomplished at seeing All that is. Because of they, the Darkness may have Sight. And out of the Darkness becomes the Unconcious mind of Self. Out of the Unconcious mind of Self becomes Sleep; A Sleep so deep that one doth cross through this tunnel, cross also they into another Way...another Realm in which the Subconcious dwells. Out of Sleep and out of the Unconcious Mind which our cognitive thoughts take Flight from, becomes Rest which all needeth for thine own Mind and out of my Conciousness and Free from mine own Body made of Flesh and made of Blood, and of mine own Aura and Spirit, I may travel free. As, without body, I am free from the Physical World. And out of my Mind I became more. As more aware I became. Existing in another world out of my Body and so out of my Mind. And the Truth and the Light doth hold me in Their Mind as I sleep with them, as We are All One. He doth hold Me in His Ways, too. And so, comes the Day. And brightness becomes the sky. And so, All may now be with Sight. Bright becomes my Mind so that I may Think Freely. Bright becomes my Mind so that I may Feel, Truthfully. Think, I shall, before I will ever Speaketh against Another. Another shall also not Speaketh against thineself. And I shall also not Speaketh against mineself. And so, another Word shall ever be, again, spoken if there is not Brightness. If there is not Truth. And so, the Sky became Silent as Doubt did not utter Words Truth. And, as Truth need not Spoken with Words, be; but is Felt with Heart. And, so became the first Heartbeat. And so became the first Rthym. And so became the first Melody from Breath, mine and from the Winds and from the Skies Constellations. And so became the first Song. And so became the Truth that He Loves me since before the Shadow of Doubt. And so was the first True Love, before the Day and, before the Night. And All is from Truth. And All is from Love. And, so, there is the Sun and there is the Moon. As Inside of me He is, as I am Love. And inside of Him, I am, as He is Love. When he walks in the Day or the Night, if He that hath held me so tight as to protect me from Judgement, from Doubt; protect me from Lies, doth look up; He may see the Spirit of the Sky. The Sky which is within each of Us with each Breath that we Breathe. The Sky that Sees all is All, as All is from the Sky. The Sky doth carry us all. And, in the Sky, we do gaze upon the Stars and we do Stare into the Sun of the Day, and we do look up to the Man on the Moon of the Night. And through the Sun's Eyes. And through the Moon's Eyes. We can see. And in the Sky's Body that doth carry Us, We are Loved. And You are Truth; and You are Love and You are Honor. Because of You, I am. Because of Me, You are. To the Universal heartbeat's song, may we dance under the Moonlight, no matter how far apart We are from One Another. To blow a Kiss into the Sky is to Whisper a kiss into the Sky that Both of our Lips do Touch at the same Time. Because, You Believe in the Sun and in the Moon and in the Sky; because You can become a Rainbow that makes a break in the Clouds. Calming the storms. Because you can stop the Rain; I am. All is because One Believes. All is because Love can be Trusted. All is because of He whom hath Honor. It all began with One. And so, because of this One; because of Him, I am. I am as a result of You.

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