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Where There A Angel There The Moon Light Of Respect. - Poem by Raymond Sawyer

For every moon light for there a angel of respect but when one see a star thus for every star is the star of the angel of Star bucks thus when one feel the warm sun shine for one see the smile of a star that twinkle in once heart for every bird is the angel of respect but where there a angel there the moon light of respect.

When one look to the night sky for one see the moon light but yet just to see the moon light is like seeing the angel of Star bucks that light up the night sky with the touch of respect thus the night breeze whisper in the night air for it whisper respect that will fill once heart to feel respect thus one will be touch by a rose that is fill with respect.

When the night sky is clear for one can see the family of Star bucks sparkling in the night sky for every sparkle is the sparkle of respect thus every touch of respect for it get stronger but for every moment that one see a star for what one see is the angel of respect that fill once heart yet where there a angel there the moon light of respect.

When the moon light touch once heart for the birds will sing for the morning sun to touch the blue sky with respect thus one eel the night breeze whisper threw the night air and yet when the family that kiss blue sky with respect where there a angel there the moon light of respect.

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