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This Lonely Road - Poem by adeniran oluokun

On this lonely road, is where I stand, I’m tryna figure out where to go,
I could still see the finish line,
But I wld need to swim those rivers
& climb those mountain
At my garden is the only place
The bed of roses are found

On this lonely road
I still walk past figures and shadows of man,
But ma desires and pains that makes up ma feelings is all I know;
I could see but I can’t take what isn’t mine
There has never been anything like a beautiful dry fountain
What more can I say?
I can only hope for the best and stay around

On this lonely road exists the future, where I stand & the past,
On my heart is left the footprints of memories that wold last;
Its more of natural selection see…. The stronger stays;
The weaker is forgotten
I still can see the light at the other end of the tunnel
Ma image on the river mirror,
My shadow cast by that radiant sun,
Its life the major mystery lies between the beginning and the end

On this lonely road I will prefer to fight ma pain no more
Bitter, sweet, love, hate, cry, laugh, sadness joy,
Are the non-identical twins I see as I walk,
No matter how much I close my eyes,
They will all pass me by, each of them handing me the gifts of life,
With these gifts, she taught me not to fight back my tears or hate to love,
Instead, she taught me to hug and kiss her like today is ma last day,
What more can I say?
As I walk on this lonely road

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