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All Because Of A Boy - Poem by ruth lewis

i sit here in this lonely office on this lonely day wondering if your thinking of me and how you made me feel when you said you didnt love me anymore it hurt so bad it was worse than losing my dad i gave you all my love and you took everything from me you didnt leave me with a single dropp of love but only sadness consumes my heart you did this to me your the one to blame dont you feel ashamed how can you go on acting as if we never happened as if you never met me you walk through the halls with a smile on your face i walk through my life shattered and torn i fake a smile so you cant see what you have done to me i dont know if ill ever love again or be the same girl i was before i met you but i do know i will never let you get close enough to me to break me all over again. i wont let you in i wont let you touch me with the familiar touch that i longed for when i was broken and than maybe you will see how wrong you did me my love

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