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  • 121.
    Mishmash! Wish-wash! A LONELY FISH Washes Away in Troubled life Seas!

    </>Among twinkling stars – blue, red, yellow, I am blue with lonely flu!
    Among the glossy stars, I am a dark space, a black hole, a black dwarf;
    My life sucks for lonely bucks, everything sucks by lonely heat blue,
    Squashed inside, packed outside by lonely gravity sucks – it kicks me off!
    Mishmash! Wish-wash! A lonely fish washes away in troubled life seas.
    Cock-a-hoop! Cock a snook! Oh my god! Lonely fish weeps in sleep!

    Night has started, brain is heated – a lonely man repeated word ‘awful’;
    I read lonely book full, It can be harmful, and it can be dreadful;
    My heart is filled with empty space, my mind killed in the rat race!
    Life dies inside me; hope dies outside as no one is beside my face;
    Mishmash! Wish-wash! A lonely fish washes away in troubled life seas.
    Cock-a-hoop! Cock a snook! Oh my god! Lonely fish weeps in sleep!

    Alone I am in blowing wind as I stood in dark ravine of lonely ground!
    Alone I am, I heard a baying sound – a tiny translucent gray cloud;
    Alone I am, it is the loudest noise in the silence – a howling cry!
    Alone I am, it echoes everywhere – I can’t explain any more – I’m dry;
    Mishmash! Wish-wash! A lonely fish washes away in troubled life seas.
    Cock-a-hoop! Cock a snook! Oh my god! Lonely fish weeps in sleep!

    Alone I am wherever I go; alone I am whatever I do, I’m a lonely flower;
    Alone I am in depression, alone I am in frustration – oh lonely sparrow!
    Alone I am in today, alone I am tomorrow – all the time in sorrow....
    Alone I am – lift me up, alone I am – help me out of the lonely river.
    Mishmash! Wish-wash! A lonely fish washes away in troubled life seas.
    Cock-a-hoop! Cock a snook! Oh my god! Lonely fish weeps in sleep! read more »

  • 122.
    Stardom or Boredom! A LONELY RED BIRD Flies in My Natural Kingdom!

    I am eight and twenty, a lonely rose – no one close to sit with;
    Here are no companions nor kin and kith, I live in lonely myth!
    Sitting in the empty hall by myself at the day dawn in the white;
    I feel awful – awful beyond all – crying gently dusk in the night. read more »

  • 123.
    My tears and loneliness

    Stepping into my room every night
    Being the silent one of dark
    I realize how lonely and sad I always am
    I cry about it wondering read more »

  • 124.

    Lonely on the land I walk
    Lonely are the nights
    Lonely are the days
    Lonely and empty. read more »

  • 125.
    Sad poem about myself

    My life
    Lonely life, Siawash
    Lonely mind, siawash
    Lonely heart, siawash read more »

  • 126.
    Rainbow of my Life

    You put rainbow into my life
    Different colors, so bright
    Rainbows that full of life
    That gives colors to the lonely skies read more »

  • 127.

    Hold my hand,
    Please, hold it,
    I feel lonely, very lonely,
    I want a friend hand, confident, read more »

  • 128.
    YYYYYYYY I Am Lonelyyyyyyyy

    Lonely I, lonely love you,
    Lonely I, surrounded by nothing,
    Lonely I, pieced and waiting,
    Lonely I, cursed without you. read more »

  • 129.
    Lost and Lonely

    One Heart
    One Soul
    One Life
    With a lost Soul read more »

  • 130.
    Oh! Larry, Harry, Tom and Jerry! Read the Universal SCARY LONE FOX Story!

    I saw a chameleon ‘loneliness’ changing its name –
    Aloneness and aloofness, seclusion sequestration are very few;
    Lonesomeness and separateness, isolation and alienation are not new!
    Detachment and disengagement in a cocooning home with wicked fame. read more »

  • 131.
    When one grows old......

    When one grows old, and life is speeding past
    Year follows year, each quicker than the last
    When there's nothing new to look for
    And the past is all that's left read more »

  • 132.
    Lonely Soul

    I'm nowhere to be found.
    You couldn't find me if you tryed. read more »

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