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Poems About: LONELY

In this page, poems on / about “lonely” are listed.

  • 241.
    A lonely road is that i walked

    I walk a lonely road, the one and only one I' ve ever known.
    I don't know where it goes, but I keep walking on and on.
    I walked the lonely and un trodden road for I was walking on the bridge
    of the broken dreams. read more »

    pablo picasso
  • 242.
    Lonely You; Lonely I

    You say you are lonely.
    Are you? Come see MY solitary world.

    I am lonely: read more »

    Mark R Slaughter
  • 243.
    I am...

    I am sorry,
    Sorry i hurt you,
    Sorry i made you made you mad,
    Sorry for all the wrong i did, read more »

    pamela nikkole white
  • 244.

    I feel so sad and lonely
    I am alone
    I feel so used and betrayed
    I am lost read more »

    rehendhi maldives
  • 245.
    He Was A Lonely Boy

    He was a lonely boy,
    who grew up shy and coy,
    quit the world one day,
    but nobody ever knew why, read more »

    Sunny Mittal
  • 246.
    That lonely raven

    There’s that raven
    That very lonely raven
    Who was born with a wing bigger than the other read more »

    Storm Pedersen
  • 247.
    What is loneliness to me?

    What is loneliness to me?
    Who was born lonelier?
    Who was lonelier born - than I?
    …Lonelier than a bedtime story, read more »

    Mark Heathcote
  • 248.
    Ingun pa ni George

    Naglantaw ku niya
    Samtang naminaw sa Beatles nga kanta
    Ingun si George 'look at all the lonely people'
    Lonely ba kaha nig lakiha? read more »

    Inday Prising
  • 249.

    A forum for lonely people?

    What a logical idea? read more »

    Lonely People Champion
  • 250.

    So, so lonely,
    I feel like that flower I seen today,
    It was in a yard surrounded by nothing but weeds and grass, none of his flower friends were out with him swaying along with him in the breeze, read more »

    Sherry Painter
  • 251.
    Armadillo Streets

    The dust has just begun to settle
    Forming crop circles in the carpet
    Oil marks kiss the walls
    Where pleasure moments hung before read more »

    Kay Gardner
  • 252.
    Lonely Angel On Hallow Ground

    Little lady laced in the heavenly gown,
    Caught outside the witching hour,
    I see your face as a benevolent frown,
    Lonely angel on hallow ground, read more »

    Jay Bradley
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