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In This Lonely Girls' World - Poem by Yuenika Gordon

In this lonely girls world
Sunrises across the sky of world, But
still seems like it only beams on me,
I walk the streets amongst,
The rich, the poor, families, and all in between
But still feel, like I am walking a empty street,
Not knowing where I belong,
Wishing the door of opportunity open my way,
That would put my broken pieces of dreams
back in place,

In this lonely girls world
It is so much noise but oh so silent,
Days walls feel like they closing on me.
Heart is filled with love and rage that makes
emotions unbalanced, just
wanting to be apart of something,
or someone else's life
I scream out from within hoping to be heard to be rescued from My loneliness of despair.

In this lonely girls world
Sit here home alone staring at walls
wishing u can feel my emptiness inside,
and understanding my loneliness that
is looking for that warm embrace
wanting that American dream, with the house the fence a husband, kids and dog.Better yet the little girl dream, which is all of thee above and in between
You knoe Prince charming and the happily ever after story.

In this lonely girls world
I'm Yarning for the love of family
Remembering the time I
Once had that...a mother that was
here not only call when she want something
And a father who really cared
A mother who had time for me where I never felt This pain within. A father who comfort and mended my broken pieces
And now I scream out why have that been taken from me

In this lonely girls world
I sit and write as tears roll down my face to express my feeling saying to my self one more day one more holiday gone pass and not one so called family or so called friend picked up and called me
I spent another day alone..but what to suspect IN THIS LONELY GIRLS WORLD..

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