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  • 85.
    Lonely As Hell

    I am no man's burden
    I can take care of myself
    but it's lonely out in space
    I've come to know the area well.
    I salute shooting stars as they pass on by
    a comet, a galaxy, but never a sigh,
    lonely as hell out here, i say
    lonely as hell
    lonely as hell.

    I put on a smiling face
    and greet those who may pass by
    but it's a different story if they could see
    behind these emerald eyes
    straight into this heart of mine
    searching for love, running out of time,
    it's lonely as hell in here, I say,
    lonely as hell
    lonely as hell.

    Down memory lane I walk sometimes
    out in the pouring rain
    just to relive moments gone by
    that will never sparkle with life again.
    I's lonely as hell on memory lane
    lonely as hell
    lonely as hell. read more »

  • 86.
    I feel lonely without you

    When i don't get to hear from you
    I feel so lonely
    When i don't get the chance to see you
    I feel so lonely read more »

  • 87.
    The Lonely Hour

    Gathering clouds conceal the moon's bright glow,
    Now I know all too well what this means,
    The dark shadows fall, then I hear the call.....
    The Court of Loneliness convenes read more »

  • 88.
    A lonely road is that i walked

    I walk a lonely road, the one and only one I' ve ever known.
    I don't know where it goes, but I keep walking on and on.
    I walked the lonely and un trodden road for I was walking on the bridge
    of the broken dreams. read more »

  • 89.

    I am a lonely person
    I have many people around me
    But the feeling of loneliness
    Its deeply seated in me read more »

  • 90.
    The Lonely Soul

    The Lonely Soul

    The lonely soul wanders
    Alone in the walks of life read more »

  • 91.
    Flip-Flop! Clip-Clap! Boo-Boo Cried SOLO BOBBY – Trapped in a BOOBY-TRAP!

    In lonely woods, I met Cyclops with solo eye and single mouth with fire
    Goofing around in a city by varying names – hobo, hog are names few;
    Anchorite, Hieronymite, troglodyte, , stylite, road hog are names new -
    Solo Cyclops is a 16th century’s leviathan & 21st century’s plastic gyre. read more »

  • 92.
    A Lonely Tear

    A lonely tear falls down
    A smile turns into a frown
    Trickles down the cheek
    doesn't it make you weak read more »

  • 93.

    Why do we have to turn to killing and suicide?
    When we all are goinign to DIE!
    With no where to RUN! , and no where to HIDE!
    This is not a judgement, nor a blaim game. read more »

  • 94.
    Y.. A Firm Yes

    In a wonderful cartoon, i had the pleasure to read:
    A lonely person stood on the corner of the street
    He was pulled to one side by a good hearted soul
    He was pulled to another side by a good hearted soul read more »

  • 95.
    Hickory-dickory Dock! The Lonely Mouse Runs up the Clock!

    I saw imaginary masks walking along the streets in the Wolf Creek,
    So I too wear a mask to hide my tears with a big smile plastic.
    An absolute darkness is eating me, all I can feel is heebie-jeebies;
    Yuk! I'm sucked deeper and deeper into a hole of screaming meemies! read more »

  • 96.
    Lonely Girl, Lonely Heart

    She curled up on her windowsill,
    A lonely girl, crying out her heart,
    For the boy that never loved her,
    And the friends that just don't care. read more »

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