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Poems About: LONELY

In this page, poems on / about “lonely” are listed.

  • 85.
    Lonely Heart

    What can a lonely heart say
    about love? what can a lonely
    heart say about the beauty
    things the day brings? what read more »

    Enyinwa Okechukwu Enyinwa
  • 86.
    People Alone

    Lonely people

    Are lonely read more »

    Lonely People Champion
  • 87.
    Two Lonely Hearts

    Two lonely hearts torn apart,
    To stubborn to create a new start

    Two lonely hearts far away from each other read more »

    naomi deluca
  • 88.
    Lonely Is The Hunter

    There is a thing out there that lives in the dark
    Lamented into dust is the crow
    A star shining in the sky
    In the darkened night read more »

    Alex Fischer
  • 89.
    A Lonely Tear

    A lonely tear falls down
    A smile turns into a frown
    Trickles down the cheek
    doesn't it make you weak read more »

    Vanessa Hernandez
  • 90.

    Lonely eyes turn out west
    Lonely fingers creep over shoulders and onto laps
    Lonely hearts intertwine with all the sad songs
    Lonely knees turn to dust at the sight of someone special read more »

    Conor Stephenson
  • 91.
    Lonely Was I Always

    Lonely was i always
    lost in another world
    wandering in my dream
    searching words.... read more »

    Kamalendu Menon
  • 92.
    We Are The Lonely Species


    We are the lonely species
    Who has no other species read more »

    Shalom Freedman
  • 93.
    I see you every night

    I wonder if
    are you reo-lly ate-ly lonely?
    Il y a un pour tu. read more »

    Paul Bryan Friedman
  • 94.
    I feel lonely without you

    When i don't get to hear from you
    I feel so lonely
    When i don't get the chance to see you
    I feel so lonely read more »

    Hindy Nobody
  • 95.

    No one is there
    No one to care
    They don't want me here read more »

    Kiara Weeks
  • 96.
    The Traveler

    Lonely is The Traveler, who travels all alone
    Lonely is the Traveler, who is without a home
    Lonely is the Traveler, who has no one to care
    Lonely is the Traveler, who has no one to share read more »

    Abdul-Ali Muhammad
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