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Poems About: LOST

In this page, poems on / about “lost” are listed.

  • 181.

    I'm lost in this scary world,
    I'm lost of all kinds.
    Lost to those always there,
    they don't get me but they still care. read more »

    Emma Holt
  • 182.

    I've Lost My Love
    I've Lost The Guy
    I've Lost Everything And I Don't Know Why read more »

    Kayla Louise Smith
  • 183.

    I've been trying to forget
    The way your lips tasted on mine
    I've been trying to remember
    Why we even said goodbye read more »

    Amanda Zacharski
  • 184.
    The Long Tour

    Found a lot to drink-
    Found a lot to smoke-
    Found a lot to pop-
    and only a year to go. read more »

    John W. (Coyote) Fox
  • 185.

    Lost in the dark
    Stuck in oblivion
    together we stand
    hand in hand...... read more »

    a light in the dark
  • 186.

    THAT TORE MY LiFE APART read more »

    Kadelynn Roberson
  • 187.
    words of wisdom

    many people will walk in and out of your life,
    but only a true friend will leave a footprint on your heart.
    he who loses money loses much,
    he who loses a friend loses much more, read more »

    victoria tsiolis
  • 188.

    Losing hope
    Losing heart
    Losing faith
    I'm falling apart. read more »

    Nikki Harvey
  • 189.

    I'm Lost
    I'm Lost Here On My Own
    I'm Lost Here On My Own Without You
    I'm Lost Here On My Own read more »

    Ruth Sparks
  • 190.
    Lost with no love

    read more »

    Lady FAITH
  • 191.
    I Got Lost In You

    Somehow I found a way to get lost in you
    Lost in your life and memories
    I have no idea how I did it
    I wasnt looking for this read more »

    Rachel BaByBeAr Anderson
  • 192.
    Organ fails but wants not.

    Teeth are lost but taste is not lost.
    Youth is lost but love is not lost.
    Erection is lost but lust is not lost.
    In all, agony of inability reigns. read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
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