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My Lovely Beauty Princess Every Day In The Middle Of The Night I Walk In The Streets Alone - Poem by Ali Sabry

My lovely beauty princess every day in the middle of the night I walk in the streets alone with all my sadness & there’s nobody can lift my incorporeal, I look to the sky & I see your an angel face like a shadow inside all the stars & the moon cause you are so far from me & you are in exile & I’m in exile & there’s seas & borders between us it’s deter me to come to see you, So forgive me my princess cause this is our fate is to stay far from each other, & then I became cry & cry like a small child lost something, Cause I can't live without you & I couldn’t talk with you from a long time, Darling you know what I feel every day when I wake up from my bed? I feel that I lost a big part from all my life I lost you my love I lost you cause you are my other half & you know this, Darling I have to see you every day beside me in all the night & I have to talk with you & ear your voice in all the time & I want to share my moments with a princess like you, You are my love & you are so dear, You are here in my sadness heart & there is no better to choose in whole the world cause you are my lovely princess, & you know that I have to marry you or I will gonna die & I'm trying to marry or meet you for once in all my life, My princess I have that small place to you in the middle of my white heart I kept it for many years personally for you & I live just for you from my birthday, Darling you are the best & you will still the best in all your life forever cause there is no better to choose I will say this in whole my life, You are my lovely princess.

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