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  • 85.

    I AM LOST IN YOUR WORDS read more »

  • 86.

    Lost my wife
    Lost my best friend
    Lost my lover where will it end read more »

  • 87.
    Loving the same sex

    Loving the same sex, So beautiful so right,
    Lost in this neverending night,
    Lost within my own desires,
    she dost bestow a kiss upon lusty lips, read more »

  • 88.
    A Call

    I lost it, I lost it
    It’s my haste, that why I lost it
    It was my overconfidence
    Anyway I lost it read more »

  • 89.
    Within The Cluster of Rills Was Lost

    Within the cluster of rills was lost,
    A sparkling spring;
    A saint was lost amongst
    A gang of thieves; read more »

  • 90.

    Another voice in the crowd. Just another whisper lost in a tower of babble, useless jibber-jabber blocking out the sun. Its blocking my vocal Cords and i have a sore throat. I think im losing my voice. I think im losing my mind. I think im losing sight of my mic and the will to speak. I think im losing a piece of myself, one with no say as to his fate. 
    I think im losing my voice. I may be losing my train of thought. I may end up repeating myself because I want a certain event to repeat itself.
    I may stop from time to time. I may take a moment of silence for a daydream that never came true. I just might lose you. I just might call ahead and give you a running start. I might try to yell for you to slow down. I may fail. I just might discover how fast you really are and wonder why my throat suddenly freezes up in awe.
    I might lose my train of thought. I might try to recollect an old story I used to tell myself and end up forgetting what really happened. I just might forget you..... I may be speaking to a mirror. I may forget myself and remember why I called you in the first place. I may remember that I wouldn't be able to tell you anyways. I might not ever forget you. I might not be able to tell you that, in spite of losing myself, I'm still glad I found you. read more »

  • 91.

    I'm lost in my feelings.
    I'm lost in my life.
    I'm lost in everything
    Except my knife. read more »

  • 92.

    I think I've lost my way
    I think I'm lost again today
    Lost in thoughts but also in things
    Lost inside my own dreamings read more »

  • 93.
    Lost and Lonely

    One Heart
    One Soul
    One Life
    With a lost Soul read more »

  • 94.
    Trust is found

    Trust in man was lost today
    Trust in man that is never quite regained
    Trust was lost when you started to betray
    Trust was lost when you didn't care enough to say read more »

  • 95.
    Among the Trees

    I wonder lost among the trees
    Looking for the one my heart calls for

    I wonder lost among the trees read more »

  • 96.
    Get lost

    Get a new SIM for you almost free of cost
    Let the world know that now you are lost

    Losing one's self had never been so easy read more »

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  74. A Way Of Life Professed, RIC S. BASTASA
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