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Love - Poem by Sierra Smith

Love is a big word, even though its only spelled with four letters. It means more than anyone would ever think. I honestly don't know what love means but i am in love with the idea of love. love looks past any imperfections and sees every flaw as perfect. Love is not caring what you look like when you're just sitting around. Love is about being able to go weeks without seeing each other and still not letting anyone in to destroy your relationship. Love is knowing that you do have that one person that is going to be there to talk and listen to any problem you have and they will help you figure out what to do. Love is waking up to text messages that say good morning beautiful how did you sleep. Everybodys definition of love is different some people say that love is when you have sex and have been all the way some people say that love is when you can tell each other anything i say that love is love when you think you're in love you will know it. You will be willing to give up anything for that person you will fall head over heals for a lot of people but when you're in love you will know it just make sure that you are one hundred percent sure you're in love and that its not infatuation. Many people make this mistake also make sure you're old enough for love don't rush into something. Be young and stupid fall in and out of love make sure that the person you're with is who you want to be with. My favorite quote of all times is
“If you love something
... let it go, if it comes back to you it was truly meant to be”

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