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  • 133.
    To Love Or Not To Love

    To Love Or Not To Love
    That is the question
    Should or shouldn't we
    To know love
    To be love
    You've got to feel love
    You've got to know
    When your in love
    Or not
    Do you know how it fills
    To be in love
    You've got to feel it
    It feels so good to be in love
    Your head rushes
    Your heart beats
    A million beats a minute
    You can't stand it
    When you have to be away
    From him/ her for long periods of time
    You think about him/ her 24/7
    You dream about him/ her
    You day dream about him/ her
    To love or not to love
    To love you've got to know
    The risk of what happens
    After you love
    Not to love you've got to know
    That this is really what you want
    To feel love you've got to be love
    You've got to love him your self
    That is why
    To love or not to love
    Is and has always been
    The main question of loving
    This is why most people love
    Know that they know every thing
    About the person and the risks
    This is why we love
    Because we love him/ her
    This is why we don't love
    You don't know the person that well
    Love and be happy
    Not love and be misserble
    So I love
    Just like others should too read more »

  • 134.
    He loves me, He loves me not

    He loves me,
    he loves me not

    Like a fairy tale read more »

  • 135.
    Love Me Like I Love Everything I Do

    Love me like I love bathing under the glorious sun
    Love me like I love dreaming inside of heaven’s arm
    Love me like I love crying in the mourning rain
    Love me like I love sitting on top of a mountain read more »

  • 136.


    I love you like I love broken hearts
    I love you like I love dirt read more »

  • 137.
    My Idea Of Love

    Love is pure and sacred
    Love is truth and everything good
    Love is selfless and undemanding; giving and not expecting in return read more »

  • 138.
    You and I Together (Revised)

    When are
    reality read more »

  • 139.
    Being Alive

    Love is giving
    Love is receiving

    Love is laughing read more »

  • 140.
    My Love For You

    My love for you is never ending like the love we make
    My love for you is a passion that we both give in take
    My love for you will last even after my time has past
    My love for you is like your face its a beautiful thing read more »

  • 141.
    Never Fall in Love

    I believe in love
    but never fall in love
    true love or lust love
    I want love read more »

  • 142.
    Trapped in a Prism

    Trapped in a Prism
    And there’s no way to tell
    Am I the one love
    Or am I sentenced to hell? read more »

  • 143.
    O love love love love love love love

    O love love love love love love love
    Makes me so glad baby makes me so sad
    O love love love love love love love
    Makes me so good baby makes me so bad read more »

  • 144.
    Love -unbound pleasure

    In my heart there is a sensation
    Delicate delicious soft emotion
    Intoxicated sight deep sea eyes
    Mysterious mystic melody lies read more »

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