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Our Love - Poem by Danilo Oliveira

My love! What love is this? Help me answer, if any response.
What love is this that is endless and makes everything so grand and beautiful?
What love is this that revolutionizes inside us making us feel infinite?
What love is this greater than any fear, you say?
It is love that comforts, a love that makes you happy,
Love that overflows and bursts, does not hold,
Love that it is appropriate to eternity.

Pure love, sincere, clear,
Love and hope that we fought incessantly
Love that overcomes our fears is love that reveals all the secrets;
Love do not mind, feel that love in a way that persists, persists and resists,
Love which it is attempted to flee, but not out of place,

Love that is only satisfied when they are allowed to love;
What love is this feeling? What love is this that feel?
My love is wanting with smoothness and rage,
Our love is a flame burning desire and constant
You miss all the time.

Our love is the most beautiful flower to the brink,
It is without relying on a parachute jump, because we have wings,
Wings that allow us to fly across galaxies and dimensions,
Reaching the pinnacle of there and stay there.

Our love is the condition resolves,
The penalty that absolves,
It's real dream, an illusion that becomes true,
Mirage that you can play and does not fall apart,
It's all this is this is more

It is an appeal, the despair, the headquarters
Every need is satisfied,
My beautiful, my fairy
My beautiful, my love;
Creature carved with rare beauty,
Seductive in the extreme, lovely as anyone,

This love is the source,
The source of a constant happiness of which we are allowed to quench their thirst,
It's everything we look for,
This is what we must not lose
You know that every one is a little time together.

My love, how I love you and I feel loved,
How much reality can seem a dream,
Exaggeration, I do not think, just feel and hear the beating of our hearts,
Emotions without reasons.

It is both the poet mute,
And how difficult it is mute poet,
Convince him that the words will not be able to express,
And both said nothing was said.

Love? What love is this?
Sleep and wake up dreaming of me, because that is what I do,
Remember every moment and feel me beside you, and you feel me,
This is the love that never ends, that does not yield to routine
It is love that is free and includes
That helps to grow,

Our kiss, our love, love will always be
I lost myself, I seek you. Where is it?
Here, as I'm there, everywhere
I love just enqaunto I can breathe,
Also because each other is as essential as air.

Always keep my eyes on his,
Our kiss, our love,
That longing to dissipate at each meeting,
I remain committed to my beloved,
Without being able to see it do not see anything,
Undefined forms only apparent lifeless
Such a life that sheds its image,

Love, how we love each other,
I declare to the world my faith, my belief,
In the world there is no love greater and more beautiful,
And if we do not understand, fight and everything goes right,
It's the spice that gives flavor,
The deity of this splendid and wonderful love

Love, love, loving,
Repeat without tiring one I love,
Love it so much say in breathless,
Warms my soul,
Crazy, crashing,

Alone we are only partly
Halves of a perfect whole,
Beyond any concept.

What love is this? That is a little life to live?
As we meet, so lost, so strange,
It's scary that so much love,
Fear that happiness and mastery that does not serve to love this world,
But this love is so strong and huge that it is capable of creating its own world,
Our world,
Our parallel universe,
Feeling that transcends the rational and explicable,
I feel love, love that feeling,
That lasts more than ever.
Forever is not long,
Cause everytime we gain,
With the same magic that first kiss
Again I am yours and you're mine,
We are free, bound by love.
By wanting to stay,
Because it's good,
Because it is pure and sincere,
Because it's love,
This is our love, without explanation, without definition, eternal unanswered question

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