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  • 61.

    Here where I built my name
    My success my failure my pain

    In an island where my dreams were built and perished

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    impulsive emotions and human lust

    Painful to look back
    The idealism the struggle
    The hunger and the lust

    The lust that slaved my flesh
    With horrible love
    An erotic love
    From suicidal woman’s heart

    I can still hear her scream
    Longing to captive my brain
    To capture my name

    I escaped empty
    Goodbye beautiful queen city
    Of the south

    Goodbye dreams and pride
    Now I keep on swallowing temporary defeats read more »

  • 62.
    The Lust For Power

    The lust for power consumes men
    Blinds the mind and pollutes reason
    Diverts good purposes and then
    Corrupts the character's condition. read more »

  • 63.
    Without Love With Ease

    So many caught by the tide of the eyes and sank
    Through the flesh that attracted; a lovely prank,
    Love speaks through the eyes; ask with any guys
    And the lust; gazes the flesh, ’tis ephemeral, dies, read more »

  • 64.
    A longing It Is

    To lust for someone you love is not faulty
    It is a desire as you crave to have that someone in your life
    As that person turns to be your weakness
    A weakness without which you just cannot ever seem to exist. read more »

  • 65.
    I Saw a Little Boy Playing Without Toy

    I saw a little boy
    Playing without toy
    He was merry and gay
    In ecstasy, I can say read more »

  • 66.

    Cut My wrists, watch the crimson fall,
    Open my veins, look at the puddle,
    Laughing gently,
    You love the pain, read more »

  • 67.
    Lust? Or Love?

    Some say they believe in
    love at first sight…
    I scoff at those who see the
    truth in this. read more »

  • 68.

    The taste of someone that never fades
    Like a million exotic shades
    of red
    But with love comes lust read more »

  • 69.
    Your Lust

    Your lust,
    The act of your illegal lust!
    And, you took the unclean meat into your mouth,
    Leading to your sickness today. read more »

  • 70.
    In Piccadi

    Lamp-lit faces, to you
    What is your starry dew ?
    Gold flowers of the night blue ! read more »

  • 71.
    Earthy riddle

    How much is plenty of fuss.
    How is such that much is must.
    How is must perpendicular to lust.
    How is lust at tangent to trust. read more »

  • 72.
    Heat of a Woman

    The heat of a woman rising in lust
    To bring flames to life turning men to dust
    The heat that can burn, scorch and sear
    When ever the man gets to near read more »

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