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Poems About: LYRIC

In this page, poems on / about “lyric” are listed.

  • 109.
    A Little Thing Called Trust (a song)

    putting pictures up
    taking pictures down
    please give me a call
    the next time you're in town read more »

    Jade Leven
  • 110.
    music of pain

    Everyday you play the music
    But the sound was almost the same
    You read all the lyrics
    But you can’t get the meaning. read more »

    reina Lorenzo
  • 111.
    Capo, Third Fret

    I've fallen in love
    with a capo on the third fret
    Now I just need lyrics
    and I'll be all set read more »

    Sean Furlong
  • 112.
    Some guitarists I know

    Casey hides behind an Elvis swagger
    And a marlboro red
    He's small and charming
    He has a smile that is velvet read more »

    Wanda Swim Strunk
  • 113.

    If I am the night
    You are a beautiful dream that leaves me wanting for more
    If I am the plain old blue sky
    You were the orange, cotton soft cirrus of my sunset. read more »

    Liv Mealone
  • 114.
    My army of words

    I know not of the word of moderation
    For when I start it will take up my full duration.
    For I am as strong as my army
    1000 man strong yet as quietly read more »

    Dillon Crawford
  • 115.
    Mind verse

    I be myself and act normal
    tho my words are extra ordinary
    coz' i'm full of words in my head like a library
    I eat my hip hop in the morning read more »

    mocketsi parkies
  • 116.
    Love Is Easy

    You're the lyrics to all my songs
    The lone muse to all my poems
    Inspiration in sweet conversation
    Sedation in my incarceration read more »

    Gabriel Rodriguez
  • 117.
    Opened My Door

    I opened the door,
    And took a sneak peak
    At this morning's world
    What it would bring me. read more »

    Vera Sidhwa
  • 118.
    Alone, Writing A Poem With A Song

    I was alone listening to a love/sad song
    Searching, thinking ideas with imagination
    To create a story in a form of a poem
    Holding my pen and start writing it down read more »

    Judith Kempis
  • 119.
    The Curtain Closes

    I sit here again
    Starting once more
    Lost yet another friend
    And, now I feel as if I've lost the war read more »

    Nicole Settimi
  • 120.
    Raindrops On Different Heads

    Rains swept along the manicured portico
    a breeze that swayed on the tender green
    Thunder and tumult of sharp and a heavy rain
    On the lawns and pebbles of richness scene read more »

    Nitin Suresh
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