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If Death Had A Face, It Would Be Pretty. - Poem by Nicole Settimi

A porcelain Doll
Dressed like the Grim Reaper
In this pit of pure darkness
I fall even deeper

Shrouded in mystery
Consumed by suicide
An obsession with control
That I try to hide

Playing this life
Like one hand of poker
Where I am the Queen
And, God is the Joker

But, the Devil's the King
Who always reigns surpreme
It's like a nightmare I'm stuck in
Some screwed* up lucid dream

Skies of Vanilla-
Except that they're NOT
All I see is darkness
Until my eyes start to rot

But, then a hint of some light
Again-just a tease!
Another joke from the 'master'
And, now the skies start to freeze

'Hell' may be on fire-
But, it's heaven that's COLD
Eternal Peace?
I'm not entirely sold

'Fiction'-I'll call it
A master-piece, even!
But, darkness consumes me
So, it's fiction I can't believe in!

A view of this world
With a masochist's telescope
That leaves me in agony
With no faith and no hope

I try to look away
Yes, my eyes I try to close
Yet, toward this dark pit
It seems the path that I chose

So on I continue
As if magnetically drawn
Again, with this riddle
As if God's only pawn

Yet, when I get close?
This puzzle-I start to solve
Right in front of my face
The answers seem to dissolve

Then, with wreckless ambition
To simply conquer DEATH
I look to the sky
And, question: what's left?

Like a Pile of Ashes
I lay strewn on the ground
As my voice begs for freedom...
Yet, I don't make a sound.

© copyright 2010 Nicole Settimi/Dark Lyric Poetry
Dark Lyric Poetry by The Dark Artist Nicole Settimi

(Note: *changed or edited for website, email for original version)

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