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Poems About: MAGIC

In this page, poems on / about “magic” are listed.

  • 229.
    My Father Is A Retired Magician

    my father is a retired magician
    which accounts for my irregular behavior
    everythin comes outta magic hats
    or bottles wit no bottoms & parakeets read more »

    Ntozake Shange
  • 230.
    Wicked Witch

    See the wicked witch ride her broomstick,
    As she rides with the moon,
    Her pointy hat her distinguished feature,
    For it is a full moon tonight, read more »

    Paula Glynn
  • 231.
    Caught Up in Magic

    You do believe in magic
    You can see the eyes that watch my sleep
    The spirits that would suffocate or shine
    The priest issuing from his hilltop shrine read more »

    Frank Bana
  • 232.

    If I were magic, do you know what I would do
    I would change the world and make it new
    I would place it into my bag of tricks
    And everything that's broken I would fix read more »

    S. Elaine Jackson
  • 233.
    Magic Circle

    read more »

    Joyce Stiles Spencer
  • 234.
    Poets Are Holy Hypocrites

    poets are holy hypocrites;
    it’s their blessing and their curse. read more »

    Michael Shepherd
  • 235.
    The Feast of Fairies

    As time sets the great blaze
    To rest where the sky meets the earth
    For the silver glow
    To reveal faraway read more »

    Obinna Kenechukwu Eruchie
  • 236.
    A Song... To Baby Indiana, From Magic Tree

    Magic tree make a wish for me,
    make it make believe give him back to me magic tree.

    You were the light inside of me, read more »

    Meriki Raelene ParkinsonFraser
  • 237.

    In this world, the nature is dying
    The way we once were is leaving us.
    Replaced by machines and war
    Save for one tiny little corner of the globe. read more »

    Jessica Millsaps
  • 238.
    Let get laughter way out of yourself

    Let get laughter way out of yourself
    Make the happy sound awake
    Laughter magic and enchanting
    Don't sustain it in your soul read more »

    Morhardt Carmen Mencita Monoi Angel
  • 239.

    hunter of dreams, stalking love's castles,
    find me. read more »

    Fay Slimm
  • 240.
    When I Set Out for Lyonnesse

    When I set out for Lyonnesse,
    A hundred miles away,
    The rime was on the spray,
    And starlight lit my lonesomeness read more »

    Thomas Hardy
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