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Poems About: MAGIC

In this page, poems on / about “magic” are listed.

  • 61.
    More Realistic and Less Corrupt

    We need,
    More magic in our lives.
    A magic seen before our eyes.
    And one in which all testifies. read more »

    Lawrence S. Pertillar
  • 62.
    The Magician's Magic

    The magician's magic.
    Is the magic for you.
    He can pull a rabit, out of his hat.
    He can trick you with this. read more »

    Kim Robin Edwards
  • 63.
    The Magic In My Hands

    There is magic in my hands
    A glittering pen more magical than wand
    It weaves myriad, fantastic stories
    Acclaimed, applauded, crowned with lasting glory. read more »

    Geraldine Fernandez
  • 64.
    Power Rangers Wax Music

    4 wax figures
    Brought to life
    To protect the earth from evil forces
    They will be given the status of heros read more »

    Ramona Thompson
  • 65.
    Black Magic

    The candle lights flicker in the slow breeze,
    But only in the shadows past the gates is all I can see,

    The negative energy flows at it’s low vibrant rates, read more »

    Kurt Kacich
  • 66.
    Magic Words

    In the land of the lost
    They dug up a book of magic spells today
    No one had seen spells like this before
    Some of them were extremely weird read more »

    Joseph DeMarco
  • 67.
    Suddenly It's Magic

    As butterflies open their wings
    To fly and scattered their beauty at the skies
    And flowers then, start dancing
    As they heard the morning lullabies read more »

    Cheryl Aldea
  • 68.
    Just Like Magic

    Just like magic you came into my life, then Poof! Your gone. Just like magic you took control over my heart, then poof! You break it into a million pieces. Just like magic you became my best friend in under a minute, then Poof! You become my worst enemy. read more »

    Tabatta Nunes
  • 69.
    Gibar Magic

    A young magic man saw there was
    no mountains left by this
    land cos of man’s destruction
    So he blow magic and said read more »

    Lionel Fogarty
  • 70.
    The magic forest

    At the Bois de Boulogne lies magic
    Magic that cannot be evitable
    Magic that lures people into the evergreen forest
    In the forest, soft earth is like a comfy bed read more »

    Jay Haa
  • 71.
    Magic Skies

    Oh magic skies
    Why are my dreams so high?
    Why do I feel like life is a high?
    I'm stuck and feel empty inside read more »

    Pure Remedy
  • 72.
    Legged Magic

    Legged Magic

    whisper voice and wake us to listen, turning
    down the words mature, see the mouth that utter, read more »

    Antonio Liao
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