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W* - Poem by Champs Ulysses Cabinatan


W makes me think of Questions
of What are my priorities
Who are my real friends
of Where I am heading
as to When can I fulfill those promises
and hoW can I achieve those dreams

W also cheers me up to hum
a beautiful song
in the cartoon I saW
during my childhood.
“A Whole NeW World
a dazzling place I’ll never knoW”
so says the song

Open Sesame!
Feel in aWe
as to hoW Aladdin
change his life
from a thief
and became a prince.
alluded into different character
a journey
the land
of Arabian knights
of genie, magic carpet and magic lamp.
on hoW Aladdin
got the magic lamp
and changed his World

Open Sesame!
a magic passWord
to the cave of Wealth and Wonder.
Where the magic lamp is hidden
and many are desperate
in seeking it.

glad Aladdin,
found it
call it accident or an act of fate.

given three Wishes
he can Wish anything
from, Wealth, poWer and being renoWned

but sometimes
human Will never get satisfied
When the three Wishes are fulfilled
but longs for more Wishes

it’s up to us to knoW
What is really Worthy
and to Weigh the consequences
of every Wishes We have

makes me think of Wheels
of the highs and loWs in life
of the ebbs and tides,
Waves of the seas
of Winters and summers
of the Waxing and Waning of the moon
the Wheel continues to rotate
to cycle
from feeling in despair to regaining hope
of moving from past regrets
of being in the noW,
picking up the pieces
the lessons of the past
and continue to Walk in the present
With hope and love
as life can still offer
a neW, delightful
and Wonderful experiences

still feel the aWe
of every morning
WoW, WoW and WoW
of long Walks
enjoying the pathWays
Whatever the Weather in life is
be sanguine
With the
World of Wonder

What you have
Who you are
and What Will you become
continue to Walk in the road of life
With a smile

maybe you travel the Wrong Way before
but We can steer the Wheel
for us to travel right Way.

think of Winning
in every trials
knoWing What is right from Wrong
of Warmth feeling With presence of a close friend
a jeWel in one’s life
treating ourselves kindly
for a Work Well done
We don’t need to be a Whiz in everything
We can tap help from others
and there are Willing souls
to help us be a Winner
to groW in Wisdom
and goodness
of folloWing the Wise teachings of the Wise men
of being reneWed
be trustWorthy
and live your day With heartWarming smile

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