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You Might Appreciate This? - Poem by G PAUL FISHER

White or black
that matters not
the maker gets back
what the maker should've got
his houses businesses
and three charities
and all the treasures
and magic articles
that he should have received

sexy women beautiful girls
adore the maker tis true tis true
they will do absolutely anything for him
that is what they were made to do
bringing him gifts abundance joy
to the maker who is a lucky boy
his human name is paul graham fisher
he is such a magical lad
he easily outdoes his foes
and makes good from what is bad
a billionaire timetravelling inventor
is his chosen profession
magic expertise comes naturally to he
and he does enjoy a good sex session
smoking potent weed and pot
beating the opposition
winning bets and winning wagers
receiving gifts from every nation

the worlds maker god creator magi
wise immortal infinitely wise
a poet a bard a magic spell maker
everybody respects him and will soon realise
he must have back what he was supposed to have
now thieves from him refuse to chav
infact the thieves will bring to he
his magic articles evidently
cash abundance upon him they lavish
sexy girls want him to sexually ravish
he always gets what he wants you see
that's a miracle to a lot of people
but is perfectly natural to he
gaining and keeping magic skills
and really amazing abilities
what he does he does very well
he is always successful successfully

whether they be mad or sane
everybody helps god gain
what is his
what will be
collected and acquired by he
magic articles
houses business
and charities
what god wants god always gets
magic hats and magic sets
staffs and swords from movies too
wands and cloaks
and magical gowns
time travel devices
cash abundance
absolutely everybody helps him you see
and yes, that includes you

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