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Marriage Is Not About Opposite Sexes - Poem by Daya Nandan

I don't see why there is so much opposition to gay marriage,
When many heterosexuals easily divorce and ask for remarriage,
When polygamy is ok and parents can force their children to marry,
We let go of all of that and somehow think gay weddings are scary,

When people with a history of cheating on their spouse are allowed to remarry,
How can we have the audacity to deny loyal gay couples for a chance to marry? ,
Rapist and murders who destroy lives can have a legalized union of love,
Yet many of you judge harmless gays as if you are all high up and above,

Marriage is so much more than an institution for child raising reasons,
It's about celebrating love as two souls intertwine through life's seasons,
Many married couples today do not have children, often by choice,
So why discriminate homosexuals as if these human beings don't have a voice?

Would it be ok to take back the wedding rings of a heterosexual couple that is sterile? ,
Would it be ok to break the love of two beings who truly love with a smile? ,
Homosexuals are not a threat to a heterosexual marriage in any way,
So why must we cruelly deny them of their right to love with vulgar words to say,

Marriage symbolizes a long-term commitment to one another,
A celebration of love to be expressed to and for each other,
It is not a pledge to reproduce for the state or humanity as a whole,
But a magical journey of the heart, mind, body and soul,

Gay marraige is their right, who are we to deny them of their love and joys,
When they would fight for rights to adopt parentless and homeless girls and boys,
They are no less than us for they too serve and protect our country's land,
So why don't they deserve a chance to enjoy wedlock hand in hand,

We have discriminated them, bullied them for the way they were born,
Treating them as abominations, leaving their minds and hearts torn,
Why mentally traumatize them? Lets not let our selfishess linger,
Leave these harmless citizens be, let them put a ring upon their finger.

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