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Cash Only Society - Poem by Curtisj Johnson

By Curtis Johnson

I was making a deposit at the teller window of my local bank. As the teller proceeded to finish the transaction, she asked if I would like to apply for their credit card. This question has been posed to me at least two or three times at my bank. Everyone knows that it is their job to not only complete a transaction at the teller window, but they also have to attempt to make a sale of another service provided by the bank. I knew something about myself and my credit status that they did not know. Not only was I certain that I no longer qualified for a credit card, but I also would not have wanted one if I was qualified. Anyway, my reply to the tellers at the bank was that my wife and I no longer uses credit cards. I tell you, it feels so good.

I wish that we could have reached this point sooner, but for more than three years now, we have neither sought for more credit nor wished for it. We have discovered that even in 2011 America, one can survive without credit cards and lines of credit. It has not been easy, But things in life that are worthwhile are usually more difficult. We are not yet debt free, but we are credit card free and moving toward financial freedom.

I can remember that it was in or about the year 1980 when we began to use credit cards. We have always lived a simple lifestyle, but before credit cards came into our lives we lived with the lack of many things and during certain dire situations, we had no one to bail us out. Our family life was governed by cash for the first seven or eight years of our marriage, and if God did not provide for us in means other than the cash we earned, we simply went without.

It's hard to imagine the young age at which young people begin to use credit cards now a days, but Barb and I were around 30 years of age when we were first given a credit card by Bank of America. The card was sent without our ever having to apply for it, but as I recall, we felt honored to be qualified for a credit card. We used it and started using credit as a tool for survival on many occasions. Little did we realize at the time that we would be using cards for nearly 30 years. When you add it all up, we have lived a cash only life for around 11 years. There were about 8 years at the beginning of our marriage that we did not use credit cards, and we discontinued using them more than three years ago.

Without doubt, the most telling of those years has been the last three. It is much easier to live without something you never had or got use to using, but it is another matter to break away from something that you have grown use to and in some cases, absolutely depended upon.

I do not deny that it is a rather difficult task to live a respectable and modern life without the use of credit. One can sometime feel deprived, and occasionally face the reality of simply being denied in a credit driven world. However, I wish that I could share with you the absolute pleasure and thrill that I felt the first time I responded to the bank teller by saying, “Thank you, but my wife and I are a cash only society”.


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