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  • 361.
    Reality (1st of Seven Secondary Virtues)

    Poem Title: (Reality) 1st of Seven Secondary Virtues of a Happy Marriage

    Poem 174 b …. Title : (Reality) 1st of Seven Secondary Virtues of a Happy Marriage.

    Subject Reality...As a Human being.A creature that cuts down trees, then to pulp in a machine.
    As an attempt to manufacture a cost effective way of transmitting News to all the World.
    Most of which is of Climate Change and full of subjective slogans on how we must save the trees!

    Real Reality..... How about this Poet? Who lives within a Fantasy of Trust whereby he allows
    His Loving Partner to hold the sacred knowledge of the password to his private website.
    And always knowing this, knew that anything that he did write could then be read in true Reality.

    Hypo statical Reality ….As a Happy Marriage holds three levels of Hypo stasis in a given day.
    Blood pressure rising or falling in anticipation as to the level of eggs that he be treading upon.
    Metaphysically thinking and speaking in riddles or codes too, for all time to confuse an enemy.

    Beyond the wit of Reality........ Any Happy Marriage is beholding three levels of wit.
    The wit of knowing when to sleep with the wisest of wise tongues keeping the wisest of heads.
    The wit of the pretence of reality and being wide wide wide awake too a Lovers every need.

    The Fantasy of the Reality.....Of any Happy Marriage is the joint ability to understand difference.
    Difference in attitude, Man to Woman, Woman to Man.Lie to Exaggeration, Exaggerative Lie.
    Fantasy of the moment, of the drudgery of daily grinds or the reality of a magic carpet ride.

    The Reality of a Happy Marriage is striving to achieve to score the winning Goal in allotted time.
    Loosing score, playing two halves plus extra time and neither gaining upper hand through penalties
    Real Subjective Reality, Hypo static God Head to prevail by use of Wit and Prose and Pure Fantasy!

    (Written 13th July 2010) A Triversen at first attempt. Success or Failure (Time will tell) read more »

  • 362.
    My Steps Are Steady

    Above the bustle of the valley,
    Above the bustle of the valley
    Comfortable and secure
    ---in our joy one with the other read more »

  • 363.

    Motionless she walked down the alley
    With two bullets in her hearts.
    In the shadow of her past,
    Her soul was dark and red. read more »

  • 364.
    Adultry is fine, But Marriage is a Crime? ! ! ! ! ! !

    Attikah and other
    Beautiful women
    Married seven
    Or eight times, read more »

  • 365.
    The Changeling

    Some say I have changed
    that I seem to understand
    so much more than I did before
    I don't think so read more »

  • 366.
    AFTER THE BALL......In two voices, Mother & Son

    Son: read more »

  • 367.
    Till Destiny do us Part

    Sitting here by your bed side,
    With memories all so wide, read more »

  • 368.

    Most little girls dream of being a
    grown up mommy some day.
    They play dress up.
    Some dream of being a bride read more »

  • 369.

    Ed Iacona

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going read more »

  • 370.

    My twin still tries to convince me
    That love is a need.

    I am good at wearing costumes. read more »

  • 371.

    As I walk the dog each night, I stare into the sky.
    The stars alone bear mute witness to my daily weary sigh
    I still ask the heavens of what went wrong to love that went awry.
    And I think of the things we could have done but she would not even try. read more »

  • 372.

    Tis a new season
    and new a chapter
    cause after the marriage
    its the morning after. read more »

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