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In this page, poems on / about “marriage” are listed.

  • 85.

    Marriage is the joining of two bodies and two minds
    Past mistakes are unwanted and better left behind
    From this day forth you must take care of each other
    You’ll learn to draw strength each day from one another read more »

  • 86.
    Marriage: Stages to be fololwed

    First, marriage should be love
    all encompassing, total, and free.
    Love that grows stronger each day
    soft murmurs of Thee, Thee, Thee. read more »

  • 87.
    Marriage And Love

    Males and females are there in all the species,
    But marriage is meant for only the Homo sapiens.
    Sad, if it fails; sadder if it exists without love.
    For other species, marriage is not there, but love is. read more »

  • 88.
    Marriage, A Ceremonious Celebration

    Marriage is the ceremonious celebration
    Of two hearts becoming one, in a serious fashion.
    Marriage is the ultimate feast of love, where two lover birds
    Pledge that they will be together forever, amidst the roaring thunders: read more »

  • 89.
    Try Harder

    What is normal in marriage
    No one prepares a couple for this great endeavor
    This first year has had its ups and downs
    Lots of arguing read more »

  • 90.
    50 years in marriage

    i sit beside you, i am a little drunk on this birthday party of
    an influential man
    and i remember you years ago
    you lectured on marriage and how marriage should be preserved read more »

  • 91.

    Yahshua Ben Nun was buried in the hill country of Ephraim,
    Like the flint knives of circumcision;
    But Hebron was given to Caleb after he drove away the sons of Anak.
    Like the marriage among cousins, read more »

  • 92.

    Age old saying about marriage,
    Sacred bonding and not carriage,
    It is not freedom from cage,
    Necessarily arising with completion of age, read more »

  • 93.
    My In-Laws Were Outlaws

    this is a true story -the story of inlaws deciding a marriage was over -inlaw interference between two people who loved each other immensely. It is a sad story becuase i doubt anyone was happy in the long run- My ex remarried but divorced again-so heres to Long Beach California lousy In-Laws-I wont say your name but u live on Los Coyotes Drive hahaha

    You came to our wedding and read more »

  • 94.
    This Has Been Your Convenience

    What has happened to our marriage?

    'What marriage?
    We both participated in a ceremony. read more »

  • 95.

    I believe marriage is important
    because it made me to be who i am
    I am 24 years old this year,
    so you can imagine my parents as they are married
    & this proves a point about the importance of marriage, read more »

  • 96.

    What do we know about marriage?
    Do we know it could get damage?
    When do you know that their the one?
    When its all said and done? read more »

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