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0092.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 90 - Poem by rajagopal. h..

For the separated couples to unite

Tamil Transliteration

Varundha vaghai enn manaththaamaraiyinil vandhu pugunthu
Irundhaal pazhaiya iruppidamaaga ini enakkupp
Porundhaadhoru porull illai vinn maevum pulavarukku
Virundha vaelai marundhaanadhai nalghum melliyalae


Hey Abhirami! Thee instrumental
In the distribution of the nectar, fruit of the churning
From the ocean of milk to the heaven dwellers
By the preserver of beings! Elevating me
From suffering by cutting the vicious cycle of
Birth and death occupying the lotus pedastal
Of my mind as Her old native place
Nothing unattainable hence in Thy presence!

Simple Meaning

Abhirami, you were responsible for the distribution of the nectar, which resulted from the milk ocean, to the devas by Vishnu; you elevated me from suffering by disconnecting the cycle of birth and death; this you made it possible by occupying my lotus mind as if it is your old house; henceforth nothing is unattainable to me.


If we look at the dwelling place area, Bhattars mind is considered as the old dwelling place of Abhirami; Abhirami is at present occupying the left side of Siva, my Lord. The older place is Himalayas. Parvata is one of the Sanskrit words for 'mountain'; 'Parvati' translates to 'She of the mountains' and refers to Parvati being born the daughter of Himavan, lord of the mountains and the personification of the Himalayas.
My opinion is that Himalayas is the mother’s house for Parvathi

To understand the significance of “ the old dwelling place” we need to understand the Indian system of life; in India whether they are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jains, Buddhists all girls after marriage go to the husband’s house; for the bride the family set up is like this before marriage- it is father, mother, brothers and sisters; after marriage the physical forms of the just mentioned would be replaced with father-in-law, mother-in-law, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law with an additional relation called husband. Also she has to undergo probation in the in-law family as if it is a new birth whatever be her social status, qualification etc; for some lucky brides they get used to the new set of people in a few months and for many the ordeal may continue; all the brides whenever they happen to go to their house- that is mother’s place-“the old dwelling” their happiness finds no boundaries; these girls spend much of their time with their mother only, sharing the in and out of the happening in the other house; mother will add advices or share the happiness; mother will fulfill whatever the daughter asks; when they have to return back to their in-law’s house parents send with this daughter lots of dress articles like Silk sarees, food preparations like sweets, snacks etc, ornaments etc; this separation also will be like the one that happens at the time of marriage; even though every visit of the daughter is expensive, daughters love to visit this “ old dwelling” and parents also love to spend like this repeatedly with full heart. So the point is that the daughter has all the rights to demand from parents, in the old dwelling” with love; this privilege is not available to the sons.

Coming to our story Bhattar claims that Abhirami has got Herself seated in His heart/mind as Her “ old dwelling “;
Hindu philosophy believes that the body is a great dwelling; one should make that dwelling suitable for seating Abhirami or Parasakthi or Kamathchi or Gayathri or Savithri or Saraswathi or any divine form of my Mother
this means that Abhirami has selected Bhattar’s heart since he qualifies and is meritorious. Also since She considers his heart as Her place She has the liberty of asking Bhattar anything at anytime as a daughter asks her parents; also She has the privilege of moving about around Bhattar. What a great blessing/grace?

Is it not that we all strive to achieve this by doing various sadhanas and prayers? If Abhirami is with us like this, what else is required?

Note: if readers feel that they have to add something more please do that in the commentary; I will immediately add; as this is done from the male point of view, opinions from womenfolk will add value to my commentary

25 12 2008

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